Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment?

Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment JacksonvilleTime and again we’ve been asked, are solar panels worth the investment? Truth be told, solar panel installation isn’t exactly a cheap purchase. When you choose to switch to solar for your home or business, you will be able to enjoy its many benefits and advantages. There are incentives and tax credits you can potentially get too. But is it all worth it?

There are many times when a property owner would think twice about switching to solar when they see the costs of equipment and installation. Thankfully, there are now many financing options that can assist. Solar is a clean and renewable source of energy. Not only will you be enjoying savings on your power bill, but you are also doing the world a favor by going green. This is why financial institutions are more than willing to help those who would like to make the switch.

There’s potentially a bulk payment you have to make at the beginning, which makes one wonder are solar panels worth the investment. It may take a while for you to get the value of your money back. Sometimes, it would take years and it all depends on the size of your solar panel system and your power usage.

You may not feel the return of investment immediately, but over the years, the savings you are getting on your power bill accumulates. The amount adds up and soon enough, you will realize that all those savings have paid off the amount you spent for installation.

So is it worth the investment? Definitely! Solar panels are built to last. Expect at least 20 years or so of energy efficiency and savings with your solar PV system. Therefore, after the amount spent on the installation has been paid off, you will be enjoying free energy!

If you are considering switching to solar, make sure you’re working with a licensed contractor such as Wayne’s Solar. We install solar panel systems, solar water heaters, solar pool heaters, and more. Our services are available in New Smyrna Beach, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Deland, Deltona, Debary, Orange City, and nearby areas. Call us at 386-673-9720 to request a quote!