Can Pool Heaters Be Inside?

can pool heaters be insideIf you have plenty of space in your garage or storage shed, you may be wondering whether can pool heaters be inside. Swimming pool heaters can take up a lot of space and they’re not exactly aesthetically pleasing either. So if you’d like to keep you pool area looking nice and clean, then you may want to keep your heater indoors.

No matter the time of the year, you can enjoy a warm and relaxing swim when you have your own swimming pool heater. When you need a swimming pool heater that you can conveniently keep inside, read on to learn more about your options below.

Can Pool Heaters Be Inside: Here Are Your Options

There are many different kinds of swimming pool heaters available on the market. When shopping for one that you can keep inside, here are some of your choices.

Solar Pool Heating Equipment

A solar pool heating system requires sunlight to work. The good news is you only need to install the solar panels outdoors. The equipment that comes with it including the plumbing, pumps, valves, and other components can all be placed indoors.

If you wanted to save outdoor space, you can always get the solar panels for your pool heating system installed on the roof of your home. This allows the panels to get the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

As it relates to ‘can pool heaters be inside’, the answer as far as swimming pool heat pumps is a definite no. This has nothing to do with safety in this case. Swimming pool heat pumps run on electricity and that type of equipment is relatively safe for interior home installation.

The big problem with pool heat pumps is the amount of air that they need to do their job. Pool heat pumps work like a reverse air conditioner. It would be hard to vent in the extreme amount of air that it takes to make one of these work.

So if ever you would be installing heat pumps inside your home, make sure it is installed in an area where it is well ventilated.  

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