Can Pool Heaters Explode?

can pool heaters explodeCan pool heaters explode? Many swimming pool owners that want to add heat to their swimming pool to make it more comfortable to swim and extend the swim season choose natural gas or propane type heaters. This makes much sense for those that don’t care what it costs to heat their pool quickly whenever they want. 

One concern that makes people hesitate to buy gas heaters is they sometimes worry about the possibility of an explosion. That’s a legitimate concern when you are talking about a flame producing device that is fed by a natural gas or propane fuel line. Let’s take a closer look at gas heaters for swimming pools and see how safe they are thought to be to own. 

Does the Possibility of Gas Heater Explosion Exist?

When examining can gas heaters explode, it’s good to start by pointing out that the possibility of a gas heater exploding is very remote due to how they are constructed. It takes an extreme amount of natural gas or propane building up in one area to cause an explosion. Gas heaters or more likely to catch on fire from a gas leak than explode because they do not contain a large amount of gas in them or near them that is necessary to cause an explosion. Even their associated gas storage tanks are kept far away from them and just a small gas line feeds them. 

What Is the History of Gas Pool Heater Safety?

There are millions of natural gas and propane swimming pool heaters in use across the USA and the world. You would be hard-pressed to find an incident with one of them that has caused them to explode while in use. That’s despite the fact that these devices have been in use on swimming pools for several decades now. So there is no consistent history that shows swimming pool gas and propane heaters are not safe to operate. 

Gas Heaters Have to Pass Rigid Safety Tests

People who wonder can pool heaters explode, should be comforted by the fact that these devices are rigidly tested for safety before they are allowed into the swimming pool marketplace. Both swimming pool manufacturers and safety overwatch groups put gas pool heaters through several extreme conditions to test their safety. Overall, these handy pool water temperature raising devices grade out very well when it comes to safety. This alone should make anyone interested in purchasing a gas heater for their swimming pool very comfortable in doing so. 

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