Can Pool Heaters Freeze?

can pool heaters freezeThe information below can finally answer the question – can pool heaters freeze? One of the most important things for any swimming pool owner to do is to properly winterize the pool equipment at the end of the swimming season. That’s to help keep water from sitting inside the equipment and freezing because when this happens the ice will expand and crack the equipment necessitating its replacement. It can get very expensive to replace pool equipment that is damaged during cold spells. 

Can pool heaters freeze? The answer is an emphatic yes. Pool heaters like other pieces of equipment have areas on them that can break during periods of freezing temperatures. 

Is a Running Pool Heater Impacted by Cold Temps?

You may be wondering can pool heaters freeze when they are running? The answer here is no but the reason why may surprise you. Even pool heaters that are turned on can freeze if there is no water circulating through them because the system will not allow the heater to come on. So the key to keeping heaters from freezing when they are on is to have water circulating through them at all times. Even if a heater is turned off, as long as the water is circulating through it that heater will not freeze. If you don’t feel like winterizing your pool system, then running it 24-hours a day throughout the winter will keep its heater and other parts from freezing.

Why Do Pool Heaters Freeze?

Now that you know the answer to ‘can pool heaters freeze’, you may be wondering why they freeze. Of course, it takes freezing temperatures to do this but it goes beyond that too. When a swimming pool pump is not on and the pool water is not circulating, there are areas in that heater where water will collect. Just like any water that’s not moving, the water in the pool heater can freeze if the temperature outside gets cold enough. Often when the water inside a pool heater freezes, it causes ice expansion and cracks part of the heater. Winterizing your swimming pool’s heater is the only way to prevent having to repair or replace and ice damaged pool heater.  

How to Winterize Your Swimming Pool’s Heater?

Fortunately, manufacturers are well-aware that their pool heaters can freeze and have taken steps to help prevent this. There are two things a pool owner must do to protect their heater from freezing conditions. One is to open the drain plug that is usually located towards the bottom of the heater. This will drain the water out of the heater so that no place on it will have enough sitting water to cause damage when it freezes and expands. Just for good measure the plumbing connections coming in and out of the heater should be disconnected too. The plumbing that comes in and out of the heater is usually attached by two couplers that can be twisted on or off fairly easily. Just disconnect these and leave them off for the winter. Now your pool heater will not freeze up and get damaged no matter how cold it gets during the winter.

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