Can Solar Electric Panels Power My Entire Home in Flagler County?

Can Solar Electric Panels Power My Entire Home in Flagler County?As a Flagler County homeowner, you may be interested in making your home more sustainable and cutting down your utility bills. A common question is – can solar panels truly power an entire home and reduce energy costs?

Let’s break down the factors involved.

How Much Solar Energy Do I Need?

The amount of solar panels needed depends on your home’s energy usage. Wayne’s Solar can evaluate your previous electric bills and the number of appliances and electronics in use. 

On average, a 4-6 kW solar panel system is sufficient for most single-family homes in Flagler County. Larger homes may need 6-10 kW of panels.

Will the Panels Generate Enough Power Year-Round?

Flagler County enjoys ample sunshine year-round but panels will generate the most energy in summer months. Some power will still be produced on cloudy or winter days. A properly sized system can offset 80-90% of your annual electricity needs. 

The utility will still supply backups on low production days. Net metering allows you to sell excess power back to the grid as well.

What About Nighttime Power Needs?

Even the best solar panels cannot generate electricity at night. This is where batteries come in. A solar battery can store excess daytime production for use after sunset. 

If your nightly power needs are minimal, solar alone may be sufficient. For most homes, a battery provides an extra layer of independence and reliability.

Is the Upfront Investment Worth It?

Quality solar panel systems have declined significantly in price recently while power bills continue rising. In most cases, a solar investment pays for itself within 7-10 years through electricity savings alone. 

Federal tax credits can immediately lower the cost by over 25%. Many homeowners see a return on investment in just 5-7 years. Additional long-term benefits include increased property value and clean, renewable energy.

Harness the Power of Solar Panels Today

Ready to get started? Wayne’s Solar can perform a solar assessment of your home and develop a customized proposal without obligation. Our experienced team will guide you through the process and ensure your new solar electric system exceeds your expectations.

If you are located in Volusia County, Flagler County, and Duval County, contact us today to start lowering your electricity bills.