Can Solar Panels Go on a Flat Roof?

can solar panels go on a flat roof

Can solar panels go on a flat roof? This is one of the most common questions we get from homeowners or building owners. 

Without a doubt, the popularity of solar panels has grown substantially over the last few decades. Much of this coincides with the increased efficiency in newer model solar panels. As more and more businesses get involved with contemplating using solar panels, one question that always inevitably comes up is whether these solar panels can go on a flat roof.

It’s a legitimate question for homeowners and especially for large and small businesses that have roofs with little or no slope to them. The answer to the question is yes, but there are some things to be considered along with that to make solar panels installed on flat roofs work properly.

Use Racks to Install Solar Panels on Flat Roofs

It may seem like the best way to install flat solar panels on a flat roof is to just simply attach them to that roof is ok but it’s not. Factors such as which way the solar panels will catch the most sun during the day have to be considered. That’s also the reason why it’s best to install solar panels on specially built racks so they can be slightly angled to catch the highest amount of sun each day. This will help maximize that flat roof solar setup’s efficiency. You may also want to consider attaching the racks you will place your solar panels on with ballast instead of drilling holes into your roof. This can help prevent damage to your roof that ends up causing leaks. 

Have Your Solar Panel Setup Professionally Designed

The worst thing that any company can do when installing solar panels on their flat roof is to do it haphazardly. This will severely limit that solar panel setup’s efficiency if done this way. That’s why it’s always best to have a professional solar installation company at least design your flat roof solar setup and even better yet to have them install it. Professional solar installation crews know how to do such steps as angle solar panels in a way that helps them catch the most sun and install enough solar panels to make any rooftop solar setup efficient. 

Businesses Have to Consider Rooftop Structure Before Installation

There are times when answering the question can solar panels go on a flat roof the answer will be no. This happens where the building you want to put your solar panels on has a very cluttered surface. Rooftops can be crowded because of such things as air vents, air conditioner units, communication equipment, and exhaust vents. All of these may take up important rooftop space and make it possible to install a practical number of solar panels on that roof. Again, this is where it will come in handy to have a professional solar installation company inspect your roof before your company makes any important solar setup purchases.

Call a Licensed Solar Installation Company

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