Care Tips for Solar PV System

Care Tips for Solar PV System Ormond BeachOwning a solar PV system is a good investment that requires low maintenance costs. We are sharing with you some care tips for solar PV systems as prolonging its lifespan should be a top priority for users who decided to take on the renewable energy route. However, regular maintenance for solar panels is often neglected as users tend to stop giving attention to it after installation. 

If you want to make the most out of your solar PV system, you should be able to learn how to take care of it. Below are the things you should take into consideration when caring for your solar PV system.

Easy access route. Most units are installed in high places, access to the main unit should be included in the plan. Whether it is a roof hatch, built-in or reliable ladder, these should be taken into consideration for a proper cleaning approach and to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs from your contractor.

Readily available care kit. Tools such as ladder, sponge, squeegee, bucket, hose, washcloth, and cleansers should readily be available. Choose tools that are non-abrasive with extending features.

Safety measures. The safest option for unit maintenance is done from the ground. In the event that cleaning from the ground is not an option, have someone to assist and spot the cleaning activity. Acquiring rope or harness and steady work boots for additional support and safety is recommended. It is best to turn the system off during maintenance to avoid accidents and damage to the unit.

Panel manual. Reading materials should be well-kept and easy to find for instruction reference and operational procedures. Contact Information of the contractor should be easily available for quick troubleshooting consult and faster response. It is best to keep a soft copy that is accessible online or on mobile devices.

Regular inspection. Dust or any debris upon survey should prompt cleaning of the panels. Identification of the accumulated dirt should determine the tool to be used. From simply brushing loose leaves or litter, running water for the dust to difficult stains such as animal fecal matter or grime build-up which requires thorough cleaning.

Panel Care. Solar panels are made of glass cleaning with care is a must. Choose cool weather to do the cleaning. Wipe or brush off any loose litter before using water. Avoid pressurized washers, regular garden hoses should be fine. For hard to remove dirt, do not use harsh or detergent-based cleaning agents, use light soapy water preferably with warm water. Use only a soft sponge and cloth to avoid damage. It is also good to inspect wiring and frame and check for any cracks and misalignments.

Annual Check-up. Schedule a thorough check-up of the unit every year from a professional or the solar contractor

While the solar panels are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, it is kept outdoors, checking and knowing when to clean the solar panels should be a protocol for users. Clean panels maximize energy production and promote optimum energy usage in addition to long time customer satisfaction.

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