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Make the Sunshine State the World Leader in Solar Power

Solar Power Jacksonville FLOn average, Florida experiences 230 days of sunshine yearly. The state earned its nickname, the Sunshine State, because of this and the fact that we have a subtropical to tropical climate. It’s quite interesting that as of 2018, we only rank 8th on a national level when it comes to solar power.

Solar power is the cleanest and most abundant source of renewable energy on earth. With issues of global warming and climate change happening all around us, isn’t it time we take that extra step to make a positive change? After all, we are the state that takes pride in all this sunshine!

Solar Power in the State of Florida

According to SEIA records as of the fourth quarter of 2018, there are 2,289.58 MW of solar power spread across over 33,000 installations in Florida. This is enough to power 275,814 homes. This seems like a lot of solar energy but this is only 1.18% of the total electricity consumed by the entire state.

The good news is that there are now more solar manufacturers and installers available. The demand has grown over time so in the last 5 years, solar installation prices have fallen by 47%! If you’re still pushing back your decision to switch to solar because of budget concerns, it’s probably a great time to reconsider your options now.

More Solar Panel Installations by 2030

The Sun Sentinel recently reported about a major solar plan currently being carried out by Florida Power & Light Co. They are committed to installing over 30 million solar panels by 2030. If this goal is met, Florida could be the top producer of solar energy in the world.

The plan includes two solar energy centers that come with 310,000 solar panels each. From the tiny 1.18% dependency on solar power, achieving this goal could mean a massive leap to 20%!

Switch to Solar Power Today

Jacksonville Solar Water HeatersSolar power offers a lot of benefits. Aside from helping reduce your carbon footprint as a clean energy source, it can help reduce your energy costs significantly. Yes, there will be expenses in the beginning when you get solar panels installed; however, this investment pays for itself. Before you know it, the amount you had to spend on the installation and materials has been fully paid and you’re just enjoying extra-low energy costs.

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Solar Industry Salutes Puerto Rico

Clean EnergyOn Thursday, April 11, 2019, Puerto Rico signed into law the Puerto Rico Energy Public Policy Act. This act will begin the process of Puerto Rico moving to 100% clean energy by the year 2050. The act will transform their economy, and renewable energy will be an integral part of the shift. The long-term impact on the island’s culture will reach far beyond energy solutions.

Puerto Rico joins a list of U.S. States and businesses that are setting aggressive goals related to clean energy. There is a growing movement toward clean energy my many public and private entities. This will result in a progressively increasing impact on the solar industry, as well as other green industries.


The bill will improve the quality of life of the citizens of Puerto Rico. It will also make the vulnerable island substantially more resistant to the threat of hurricanes, and the damage they can inflict. This alone has garnered much interest in the bill, as Puerto Rico has suffered terribly from the most recent hurricane.

Solar Panels | Solar PV

Solar Panels on Sam’s Club in Puerto Rico

Many of the goals connected to the bill will directly effect home solar solutions. So many of the homes on the beautiful island will be efficient and durable, setting a powerful example for many.

The legislation and the push is the result of Puerto Rican leaders’ commitment to protecting the island against future catastrophe. The island was without power for months after Hurricane Maria pummeled the island with category 5 winds.

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