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Solar Panel Installation Preparation Tips

Solar Panel Installation Port OrangeAre you ready to switch to solar? More often than not, it’s as easy as calling your preferred solar contractor so they can assist you throughout the process. However, wouldn’t it be better if you knew more about solar panel installation and how you can prepare your home for it?


It’s a great decision to finally make the move to solar. Soon enough, you will enjoy energy savings and a more environment-friendly source of power for your property. While the contractor you’re working with can do all the work for you, it would be nice if you’re well-informed and involved throughout the process. You can start by preparing your property for solar panel installation. Here are some tips you can keep in mind.


1. Take note of your current energy consumption.


Aside from having a basis for comparison to know how much savings you’re getting with your solar installation, taking note of your current energy consumption can also help determine the best size of your solar panel installation.


2. Choose the location for your solar panels.


You have an option to install solar panels on your roof or on the ground. Both locations have their own benefits – now’s the best time to decide where the solar panels should be.


3. Clear the surrounding area.


If there are trees on your property that may obstruct the sun from shining freely on your solar panel installation, call a tree contractor to help trim those trees.


4. Prepare the area where the solar panels will be installed.


If you’re opting for ground-mounted solar panel installation, prepare that area so that it’s clean and level. For roof solar panels, check for cracks, leaks, and other roof damages. Have them repaired and thoroughly inspected prior to installing the solar panels.


For your solar energy needs, call Wayne’s Solar today. Allow us to take some of the weight off your shoulders by helping you prepare your property for the installation process. We are available in Palm Coast, New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and surrounding areas. Call 386-673-9720 to get a free quote and free consultation.

Ground-Mounted Solar Panel System Advantages

Ground-Mounted Solar Ormond BeachA lot of homeowners are under the impression that solar panels are usually only installed on the roof. After all, a ground-mounted solar panel system is commonly found in commercial properties. However, whether you’re going solar for your home or place of business, you always have a choice between installing panels on the roof of your property or mount them on the ground.

What are the advantages of a ground-mounted solar panel system? Would this be a better choice compared to installing solar PV’s on your roof? First of all, you have to determine whether you have enough ground space for the solar panels. If you have a large enough landscaped garden on your backyard, that space may probably be enough. However, you can no longer use that area for other things such as a playground for your kids, a party space or a home expansion. If there’s still enough space even after installing ground-mounted solar panels, then you’re good to go.

The advantages of choosing ground-mounted solar PV’s over a roof-installed solar system are the following:

  • There’s no need to drill any holes on your roof. This means less roof maintenance costs and can help prevent leaks in case the panels were not mounted properly.
  • You can get the best angle to maximize solar absorption. When you’re installing solar panels on the roof, you’d have to settle with the current angle and position of your roof. You can choose whatever angle is most beneficial if the panels are mounted on the ground.
  • Though solar panels are built to last and withstand varying weather conditions, it needs to cool down sometimes too. Compared to roof-mounted solar PV’s, air can better circulate above and below the solar panels when they’re on the ground.
  • Especially if you have a large property, there won’t be any space limitations with ground-mounted solar installations. You can add more panels when needed.

When you’re considering ground-mounted solar panel installations for your property, work with solar experts! Wayne’s Solar is here to help. We are available in Palm Coast, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, and nearby areas. You may reach us at (386) 673-9720 to get a free quote!