Cost of Solar Panels in Florida 2021

Cost of Solar Panels in Florida 2021Are you wondering about the cost of solar panels in Florida 2021? Now more than ever, a lot of people are looking into ways to increase energy efficiency in their homes. It’s also amazing how a lot of households are doing their part in caring for the environment. Therefore, solar as a primary energy source for residential properties have become more popular than in yesteryears. 

However, solar installation costs are known to be quite expensive, and some hesitate to make the switch. It is great to know though that solar is a great investment. It pays for itself through the years with all the energy savings you can get.

What is the Cost of Solar Panels in Florida 2021? 

There are plenty of factors that contribute to the overall cost of solar panels such as the system size, the type of solar panels, the location, the installation design, and even labor costs depending on the contractor you chose to work with. 

According to EnergySage, a solar panel costs $2.64/W on average in Florida as of May 2021. This brings a range of $11,220 to $15,180 on average for a 5kW installation. If you are getting a smaller 3kW installation, the cost would be about $7,920. After the Federal Investment Tax Credit, the overall cost would only be about $5,861. A 10kW installation would be $26,400 on average but may only cost $19,536 after tax credits.

This may seem like such large amounts of money; however, you have to keep in mind that solar does help you save hundreds, even thousands of dollars annually on your power bills. It is also great that the government is supportive of such investments by offering federal tax credits as well as state and local solar incentives

When you need assistance, you may also look into financing options so you can finally install solar panels on your property. 

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