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Most people who have their own pools constructed at home do so because they want to be able to swim a lap or two whenever they want to. This is made impossible in colder parts of the year, but with the aid of a solar pool heater, you can still enjoy warm water even in the early and late winter months.

Solar Pool Heating DeLand

It is typical for homes with swimming pools to have a heater installed to make sure you don’t have to miss your regular laps, but the biggest drawback to most traditional pool heating systems is that they are highly expensive! The whole cost of purchasing and installing one is simply too much for most of us.

In addition to the initial expense, the supply of typical, utility-provided electrical energy necessary to heat the entire pool during the cooler months can be quite high, which can add a significant amount to the overall utility bills for one’s home.

A solar pool heater works really simply compared to all other types of devices powered by solar energy. Basically, sunlight is collected by the solar panels that are typically located on the roof or right next to the pool. The important factor in determining where these panels are placed is the need for direct contact with the sun.

This solar energy collector is attached to a pump. The pump takes out the water from the pool and brings it to the solar collector where it is heated up. After the water is heated, the hot water gets back to the pool through another area of the same pump. By using a solar pool heater, the water temperature can rise by 7 to 10 degrees on an ordinary sunny day.

When looking for a pool solar heater, it is essential to take note of two basic factors. The size of the heater that you will need will depend both on your pool’s size and the climate in your location. Logically, bigger pools and colder areas require larger heaters. Solar panels for your pool heater will vary in cost. The most common heater sizes involve 2’X20′ panels.

Getting a pool solar heater installed should be done by a qualified solar contractor specializing in the installation of solar equipment. Wayne’s Solar has been in this business for over 25 years in Florida.

In addition to the option of saving on electrical costs, you do not have to worry about reoccurring maintenance costs with a solar powered pool heater. The only maintenance required is to check the equipment and its primary parts regularly to make sure that they function the way they are supposed to.

The solar pool heater is definitely a better option considering the wide array of benefits it offers. In addition to the savings you enjoy, it is heartwarming to make a contribution to the effort of helping the environment and our beautiful Earth.

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