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Solar Installation DeltonaWayne’s Solar installs solar panels, solar pool heating, and all other types of solar products and systems in Deltona, FL. We have been servicing the area for more than 30 years, and our record of customer service will ensure a top-performing system. We have a team of highly-trained solar professionals that will work closely with you, from the initial meeting to the final sign-off when the system is in operation. We also have among the best warranties in the market, so we stand solidly behind every solar installation.

All the solar products we offer our proudly made in the USA. We are giving you the assurance that we always use the highest quality materials and delivery exceptional workmanship with each solar job we work on. At Wayne’s Solar, you can have the peace of mind that your solar investment is worth every dollar.

We offer a variety of Deltona solar products and services including the following: 

Ground-Mounted vs. Roof-Mounted Solar Panels

At Wayne’s Solar, we offer both residential and commercial solar installation to our clients. For your solar PV system, you are given the choice between roof-mounted solar panels and ground-mounted solar panels. 

Roof-mounted solar panels are some of the most common installations we would see in Deltona and many other areas across Florida. Having your panels installed on the roof means you can still use all ground areas in your property for other purposes. The roof is also a great location for solar panels as it is free from any shadows or obstruction of surrounding objects. 

On the other hand, there are also many advantages when you’re choosing to install solar panels on the ground. The panels can be positioned strategically so that they can get most sunlight all day long. It is also easier to clean them. Most importantly, although solar panels are designed to absorb the sun’s heat all the time, its performance gets better when air flows freely around it to keep it cool. This is possible with ground-mounted solar panels

When you schedule your free consultation with Wayne’s Solar, we can inspect your property and give you our expert recommendations on what type of solar panel installation would work best for you!

Deltona Solar Panels
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Deltona Solar Water Heaters 

For many Florida residents, having hot water on demand is a necessity. And so, there are also many homeowners who spend a lot of money on water heating costs. If you keep your electric water heater running all the time to heat water and keep it warm when not in use, then you must have a very high energy bill. If this is a persistent problem in your household, then you should inquire about solar water heaters from Wayne’s Solar! 

Aside from solar water heaters, we also offer solar pool heaters, pool heat pumps, chlorine generators, and more. We proudly work with the best brands in solar heating so you can only get high-quality solar products for your Deltona home or place of business.

​Solar Performance

Although there are still many tax incentives for investing in solar, it is still a big financial decision for our residential and commercial clients. So when making this type of investment, you want to be assured it will perform at an optimum level. That is why Wayne’s Solar maintains the highest standards in the industry. After the solar electric installation is complete, you can monitor your system’s performance in real-time. This is an invaluable tool for a homeowner for two reasons:

  1. You know your system is performing as promised in terms of actual output, as well as energy savings.
  2. You can measure the return on your investment without guessing.
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​Free Solar Consultations

At Wayne’s Solar, we know that solar is one of the best investments a family or business can make in their financial future. We also know that there is a lot of information out there, and things can get confusing even for a well-informed consumer. This is why we offer free solar consultations to our residential and commercial clients. We will meet with you and discuss all the solar options that would be a good fit for your unique situation. This is a great way for you, the customer, to size up the investment, as well as learn about all the financial options available.

Contact Wayne’s Solar today for a free quote for your next solar system or pool product. Our goal is to make your life better, and we have 30+ years of experience servicing Deltona, FL and the surrounding communities! You can call us at 386-673-9720 for a free quote, or email us anytime at Take the first step today to energy independence.


Wayne’s Solar offers free solar consultations to determine the very best solar investments for your unique situation. This will help you to determine the cost savings that you can realize from a solar investment for your home or business. We can also show you how you can monitor the performance of your solar product in real-time! Schedule your consultation today, and take the first step to a green energy future today!