Energy Efficient Hot Water Heater

Energy Efficient Hot Water Heater JacksonvilleLooking for an energy efficient hot water heater? Yes, you do have great options! It’s indeed very warm in Florida almost all year round, but nothing will ever beat the relaxation brought about by a nice, warm bath. Since most electric water heaters add up significantly to power bills, many homeowners are now looking for more energy efficient alternatives. 

Solar water heaters are just as effective as your traditional water heater, but they are very energy efficient. It uses solar energy, which comes from the sun. It is a clean and renewable source of energy, hence, making this an eco-friendly option. 

Truth be told, while there are plenty of people who already understand and know very well the many benefits of solar power, there are still some who are hesitant about having solar water heaters installed. This is because of the cost of materials and installation. But it is great to know that solar products are wise investments that will eventually pay for themselves over time. With all the savings you can get by using solar power, its cost will be paid for within months or years, depending on your usual power consumption. 

Furthermore, there are solar financing options available for property owners who are interested in switching to solar. There are possible rebates and incentives too depending on your location. 

Solar Water Heaters in Jacksonville, Florida

So if you are looking for an energy efficient hot water heater option, solar is the perfect choice for you! If you are in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, DeLand, Deltona, Debary, Orange City, and nearby areas, Wayne’s Solar is the company to call. We offer all kinds of solar products and services for residential and commercial properties including solar water heaters, solar pool heaters, roof or ground-mounted solar installations, sun tunnels, and many more. Schedule your free consultation or request a quote by calling us at 386-673-9720!