Fernandina Beach Solar Power

Fernandina Beach Solar PowerWayne’s Solar is the leading solar service provider in and around the Fernandina Beach, FL area. We offer a wide variety of solar products and services at very competitive prices. We have been satisfying the Fernandina Beach solar products and service needs of home and business owners and also cater to the solar requirements of those in the greater Jacksonville area and beyond. So when you are considering switching to solar power for your property or if you need any kind of solar service at all, call Wayne’s Solar for assistance!

Let our knowledgeable staff help you get the solar products that you want at a price that fits nicely into your budget. We will even come to your home or business and do a completely free solar inspection for you. Our talented solar installation crews also do a great job of placing your solar equipment so you get the maximum efficiency from them.

For high-quality solar panels, solar pool heating, and solar water heating products in Fernandina Beach, FL, call Wayne’s Solar at 904-204-2838!

Why Should You Switch to Solar Power? 

Just like many other products and services in the United States, energy costs continue to rise over the years. Even if we’re using pretty much the same number of appliances and electronics today compared to years ago, we still see a significant hike in our power bills. That even includes the fact that many of us have switched over to using more energy-efficient appliances! Thankfully, solar power is a great alternative that can offer plenty of energy savings. 

In the beginning, solar power installation in Fernandina Beach may seem like an expensive investment. Depending on the type of solar product that you ask for and the power capacity you’re looking for, the price may vary. However, it is great to know that solar is an investment that pays for itself over the years. Furthermore, with high-quality solar PV’s installed in your property, you can expect the value of your real estate to increase too. 

Most importantly, solar is a clean and renewable energy source. By switching to solar, you’re doing the environment a great favor. You’re also decreasing your household or commercial property’s carbon footprint! Of course, so you can maximize the benefits you can get from solar, make sure you’re working with a reputable and trusted solar contractor like Wayne’s Solar! 

You may even be eligible to claim Federal, State, and Local tax credits when purchasing and installing solar power generating equipment.

Solar Water Heater Fernandina Beach
Solar Pool Heater Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach Solar Products

Wayne’s Solar offers all kinds of solar products and services in Fernandina Beach and surrounding communities including the following: 

We also take pride in the quality of our products that are all made in the USA. We carry the top brands when it comes to solar water heaters, solar pool heaters, solar panels, solar batteries, and more so that our customers can only experience the best benefits they can get from solar energy. 

Your Fernandina Beach Solar Hot Water Specialists

You might be shocked if you learned how much heating hot water contributes to your monthly energy bill. Experts estimate it can be as high as 20%. Why not turn your existing and costly hot water system into just a supplementary hot water system? You can by adding solar 

water heating products such as these:

If you own a swimming pool, installing a solar pool heater, swimming pool salt/chlorine generation system and a variable speed pool pump can make that swimming pool much cheaper to maintain. For your solar hot water needs in Fernandina Beach, reach out to the solar experts at Wayne’s Solar!

Solar Service and Repair in Fernandina Beach, FL

Fernandina Beach Solar PanelsAt Wayne’s Solar, we do not only repair what we sell but we can also work on solar products that you have purchased elsewhere. We do everything from replacing worn old panels to fixing any type of plumbing leaks found on a solar water heating setup. Do you have some roofing work scheduled? Our skilled service techs can even carefully remove and then reinstall any rooftop solar setup for you. No job is too big or too small for us. We treat all solar services with equal importance and we always make sure that we’re delivering exceptional customer service. So anytime you need solar repairs for any of your solar products, you know that you can rely on Wayne’s Solar.

Fernandina Beach’s Trusted Name in Solar Services

We are a solar services provider that has been recognized by many local publications and award-giving bodies for offering superior products and exceptional customer service. At Wayne’s Solar, there is never a charge for an estimate to come to your Fernandina Beach home or business for a solar inspection or consultation. We even offer easy financing terms. 

Once you start working with us, you will quickly notice there will never be a need to call another solar services provider ever again. So if you live in Fernandina Beach and nearby areas in the greater Jacksonville area, reach out to Wayne’s Solar for all of your solar requirements. Call 904-204-2838 to get a free quote. 


Wayne’s Solar offers free solar consultations to determine the very best solar investments for your unique situation. This will help you to determine the cost savings that you can realize from a solar investment for your home or business. We can also show you how you can monitor the performance of your solar product in real-time! Schedule your consultation today, and take the first step to a green energy future today!