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​The sun is an extremely bountiful source of energy. It doesn’t just warm our earth and is the source of life, but you can also harness its power for your personal use in the form of solar electricity. With the technology available today, it’s possible to not only power your small devices, but with Flagler County solar products from Wayne’s Solar, you can now harness enough solar energy to power your hot water heater or even your entire home.

Solar Electricity Flagler County

Solar Power Flagler County Services

​Flagler County solar electricity offers many unique advantages over your typical grid-style electricity supplied by the utility companies. For example, solar electric systems can be uniquely designed for specific applications, such as remote locations where other forms of electricity are not available. Palm Coast is the primary Flagler County city that we service.

Another important factor to take into consideration is that the typical photovoltaic cell has no moving parts, hence the ease of maintenance. Plus, most solar panel systems are modular so you can expand as the need arise, and this also makes them portable so you can take them with you if you move. If you choose to leave your solar panel installation behind in case you’re selling your home or moving to a new location, the great news is that the value of your real estate can increase. Of course, the cost of the solar panel system is added towards the price tag of your home. Furthermore, many home buyers are looking for special “green” features, which makes your solar-powered home a great option for them.

Solar electricity isn’t just about convenience. It’s also about helping the environment, and solar power is one of the cleanest around. You don’t generate pollutants with solar panels, and you don’t generate any noise. You can’t get any more earth-friendly than that.

We serve the following areas in Flagler County: 

​​​Solar Panel Installation in Flagler County, Florida

Ground Mounted Solar Flagler County

​Wayne’s Solar is a top solar contractor in the Flagler County area. One of our primary offers is solar panel installation. There are usually two types of solar PV installation – roof-mounted solar PV’s and ground-mounted solar PV’s. Both share the same benefits of reduced power bills and s significant decrease in your household’s or business’ carbon footprint. Ask us about possible incentives and rebates for switching to solar!
Roof-mounted solar panel installation is the most common type of solar panel system in the Flagler County area. Because the roof has obstruction-free and limitless amounts of sunlight shining on it throughout the day, it is the most ideal spot to install your solar panels. Furthermore, it doesn’t take up other useful and functional spaces on your property.
On the other hand, ground-mounted solar panel Flagler County is fast gaining popularity because of additional benefits it can offer. If you have lots of extra space on your land for these solar panels, then installing them on the ground is also a great option. Since they’re within reach, it is easier to clean and maintain ground-mounted solar panels. There’s also breathing space for air to circulate around the panels to keep them cool. Best of all, these solar panels can be installed in an angle where they can get the most sunlight.
Whether you’re interested in roof-mounted solar panel installation or ground-mounted solar PV’s for your property, Wayne’s Solar is happy to help. Our team is extensively trained and well-equipped to deliver all of your solar-related needs in Flagler County, FL. If you’re unsure of the type of solar product best for your household’s requirements, feel free to reach out to us for free solar inspections! The experts on our team will give you recommendations and professional advice so you can make most out of the benefits of solar.

​Flagler County Solar Pool Heating

Flagler County Solar Pool Heating

​Do you have a swimming pool on your property? Taking a dip in a cold swimming pool is not as enjoyable as relaxing in a warm one. Traditional solar pool heaters consume a whole lot of power. Just imagine all the energy required to heat up the water in an entire swimming pool! Thankfully, solar pool heating is now an option in Flagler County.
Solar pool heating also uses the same technology as your solar PV installation. Using solar energy, your pool is heated to your desired temperature so you can enjoy a relaxing swim all year round and any time of the day.
Yes, solar products are not exactly cheap, but they are definitely worth every penny. Not only will you use clean and renewable energy that’s beneficial for the environment, but you can also enjoy great savings on your energy costs. If you have always used regular swimming pool heaters that consume electricity, you will see a huge difference in your power bill once you switch to solar pool heaters.
Wayne’s Solar also offers a number of other Flagler County solar pool products including solar pool pumps and more. We use reliable solar pool brands so you can enjoy the peace of mind of having something reliable and durable on your property.

​Solar Battery Backup in Flagler County, FL

​Solar electricity provides a sense of independence. For example, if you live out in the country and your home is powered by a solar panel system, you don’t have to worry if a storm knocks out the power. You’re covered and your lights won’t go out. You’re not waiting around for the electric company to fix the power lines like the rest of your neighbors.
Even if you live in the city, the same thing can happen where your neighborhood experiences an outage. You don’t have to worry about it because your Flagler County solar power system is providing all the electricity you need. Maybe your friends and neighbors will come over and watch TV with you while everyone else is stuck in the dark ages, eating their dinner by candlelight. Of course, you need a solar battery Flagler County as storage for the power absorbed by your solar panels during the day. The excess power will be your backup or reserve energy when your regular utility company cannot provide you with the power you need.

Trusted Solar PV Installer in Palm Coast, FL

If you’re looking for ways to decrease your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills for your Palm Coast home or business, we are here to help. For many years now, Wayne’s Solar has been installing solar panels, solar water heaters, and solar pool heaters in Palm Coast, Florida and the surrounding areas. We have a team of extensively trained crew who are fully-equipped to carry out all kinds of solar installation, solar maintenance, and solar repairs in Palm Coast and the nearby communities.

Most Florida towns and cities enjoy abundant sunlight most of the year. It is just practical for you to begin enjoying the many benefits of using a cheap and clean energy source for your home or place of business. For your Palm Coast solar PV system, solar pool heating systems, solar water heaters, and more, contact Wayne’s Solar for assistance!

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Wayne’s Solar offers free solar consultations to determine the very best solar investments for your unique situation. This will help you to determine the cost savings that you can realize from a solar investment for your home or business. We can also show you how you can monitor the performance of your solar product in real-time! Schedule your consultation today, and take the first step to a green energy future today!