Electric Heat Pumps for Your Pool

If you are looking for guaranteed year-round heat, or you live in a shady area where solar heat may not be an option, you may want an electric heat pump for your pool or spa.

Wayne’s Solar carries heat pumps from AquaCal because of their advanced energy-efficient design, excellent warranty, proven reliability, and optional feature which can help cool your pool in the summer months as well as work down to temperatures of 28 degrees in the winter (most heat pumps shut off when the temperature approaches 50 degrees).

In addition, we also carry other brands like TropiCal, Heatwave, and Aquatherm. The Aquatherm Omni-Swim Hybrid Solar Heat Pump, in particular, is the first of its kind to offer an integral solar diverter valve, solar feeds, and return posts. When used along with your solar PV installation, you can use 100% solar to heat up you entire swimming pool or spa. 

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Omniswim Pool Pump

Contact us for free information about Aquacal electric heat pumps for your pool.

​Learn more about the Aquatherm Omni-Swim Hybrid Solar Heat Pump. Click on the button below for ​more information on Omni-Swim ​as well as a link to a brochure.

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