How Do Solar Panels Heat A Pool?

Solar Pool HeatingIf you are looking for an inexpensive way to heat your swimming pool, it may have crossed your mind how do solar panels heat a pool? You may even be wondering if they are good at heating a pool. The answer is if solar panels are installed properly, they do make for one of the better ways to heat your pool without costing a fortune.

The key here is the system has to be designed and built the right way. Here is how that has to be done.

Select A Proper Location to Install the Solar Panels

You want to put your solar panels on a place on your roof or a specially built platform on the ground where they get the most sunlight during the day. It only makes sense that the more sunlight your panels collect, the more heat you will be able to generate to put into your pool. 

You also have to secure the panels well to the roof or platform and be sure not to damage them in the process. Try to also put your solar panels in an area that does not always get a lot of wind because this will take away some of their effectiveness.

Attach Plumbing to Your Solar Panels

Your specially made swimming pool solar panels will also have to have the water run through them for it to be heated. So, when wondering how do solar panels heat a pool, part of this is the water from the swimming pool has to run through them. This is done by plumbing a line that runs from the pool pump to the solar panels and then comes back down from the roof and returns the now heated water into the line (return line) that takes water into the swimming pool. 

One key to the solar pool heating process is that the slower the water runs through the solar panels, the more it heats up. So, you want valves only the system that only allows a small amount of the pressurized water from the pump to flow into the solar panels. Over time you will learn to adjust the valves for maximum effect.

Other Keys to Solar Pool Heating

Yes, know that you know how do solar panels heat a pool, you must also learn what to avoid when using them. If you do not have a system with temperature controls and automatic valves, they may make your swimming pool too hot if you leave them on always during the hottest days. 

You also don’t want to run them on cloudy days or at night. That’s because they can put cool water into your pool on cool days and at night just as easily as they can put heat into your pool on warm days.

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