How Long Do Solar Panels Last ?

how long do solar panels last jacksonvilleIf you are a home or business owner that uses the sun’s rays to generate electricity, you may be curious to know how long do solar panels last. It’s a fair question but one that’s not that easy to answer. It’s akin to a car manufacturer telling a prospective car buyer exactly how long that new car will last. 

The reason for this is there are so many factors that go into determining what the useful life of your solar panels will be. Here are some of those:

Solar Panel Quality/Materials Used in Their Construction 

One of the biggest factors when trying to determine how long do solar panels last is the quality of those panels. It stands to reason that the more you pay for solar panels the higher quality that they are. When you sit down with a solar salesperson to make your purchase you should also discuss what properties the solar panels you are interested in buying have what will make them last longer. This includes such things as special coatings on the outside of them, thicker coatings on the outside of them, and what percentage of the solar panels’ exterior is metal, and what percentage is made of other materials such as glass, plexiglass, or durable polymer plastics. 

Area Weather/Other Conditions

You may not realize it but weather plays a key role in the lifespan of your solar panels too. That’s because such elements as strong winds, heavy rains that are acidic, snow loads, and ice buildup will all impact your solar panels’ useful life. Also, the outside of solar panels is quite often made of metal. That means if you live near the beach the salt air from the ocean spray may accelerate corrosion forming on your solar panels which can significantly shorten their useful life. Even though the more sun that your solar panels get the more energy they produce, this constant beating from the sun’s powerful rays will also take a toll on your solar panels over time.

Installation Quality/How Often Routine Maintenance is Performed on Them

Although solar panels just sit on your roof and collect sun all day, there is still some routine maintenance that must be done on them. This includes periodically spraying them off and making sure their fasteners have not worked loose over time. At the very least you should have your solar panels inspected and cleaned at least once a year by a professional solar services technician. This alone should help extend the life of them. Often when solar panel inspections are performed by professional solar service technicians they can spot and correct small problems that otherwise may have become bigger and more expensive problems down the road. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Solar Panel Retailer

You may just want to flat out ask the salesman of the company you are buying your new solar panels from what is the expected useful life of them in your area. They should have a pretty good idea of how long do solar panels last based on their experiences over the years. Chances are you will get an honest answer too if you are dealing with a reputable solar services provider. This is also a good time to discuss what type of warranty comes with your new solar panels and how long is that warranty good for. 

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