How Much Is A Solar Pool Heater?

How Much Is A Solar Pool Heater Palm CoastIf you own a swimming pool and are looking to extend your swimming season or you just want your water to be warmer, then the thought of how much is a solar pool heater mat cross your mind? That’s not a bad thought at all because once solar pool heaters have been installed, they cost very little to run and all it takes is renewable energy from the sun to do that. It’s the reason why over the years solar heating has become a very popular swimming pool heating option.

As much as we would like to give you a firm answer as to exactly what a solar pool heater will cost you, that’s nearly impossible for me to do. The reason for that is there are so many factors that go into determining the price you will pay for your new solar pool heater. Here are the main cost factors that are associated with them.

System Size/Pool Size

Size definitely matters when it comes to the price that you will pay for a new solar pool heater. It only stands to reason that the bigger size solar panel system that you choose to heat your pool, the higher its initial cost will be. The bigger your swimming pool is the more water it has in it to be heated. That will also require more solar mats and more support equipment to make it work. These factors will always be brought up first when you talk to a local solar pool heater installer from who you ask to get an estimate.

System Placement

When determining how much is a solar pool heater, where you choose to place your system also impacts its cost. Solar pool heaters are usually placed upon your rooftop but if there is not enough free space to do so, then it will need to be placed on a specially made panel on the ground. Your installation costs for your new solar pool heater will usually be higher if it’s going to be rooftop mounted because of the danger and difficulty involved when working at heights.

Distance from the Pool Area

The further your house is from your swimming pool, the more a new solar swimming pool heating system will cost you. That’s because it will take more plumbing pipe, plumbing connections, and more support equipment to put the system together and make it work.

Automated vs Manual Operation

Solar swimming pool heaters can be manually or automatically operated. Automatic solar swimming pool heating systems require much more complex parts to make them run than the few simple valves that need to be installed to operate your solar pool heater manually. So, having an automated solar swimming pool heating system will further increase its cost.

Best Guess on Price

If you absolutely have to have an answer as to how much is a solar pool heater, we will try to give you some figures. According to the website, solar swimming pool heaters have an average cost between $3,000 to $4,000. You can expect to pay a little more if you have a larger size swimming pool and a little less if you have a smaller size swimming pool. Keep in mind that as was mentioned before, once your solar pool heater is in place and operating, it takes very little expense to make it work.

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