How Much Solar Panels Cost

How Much Solar Panels Cost Palm CoastIf you are thinking about installing a new solar electric grid at your home, you are probably wondering how much solar panels cost. This is a legitimate question but one that’s very difficult to answer. It’s like asking how much a car costs.

Why is this true. Because just like other products that have many different variations, they also come in different price ranges. So the same as a Ford does not cost as much as a Ferrari, different qualities of solar panels are priced accordingly. Here are some of the traits that determine the price of solar panels. 

Size, Quality, & Energy-Efficiency, the #1 Solar Panel Cost Factors

3 main characteristics dictate how much solar panels cost. This is size, quality, and efficiency. The bigger the size a solar panel is the more it usually costs. People are also willing to pay more for higher quality solar panels. It only stands to reason that the more energy-efficient a particular solar panel is the more it will cost too. As you are checking around you will see some big discrepancies in efficiency, size, and quality between solar panel brands and models that impact the price that those solar panels are being sold for. 

The Size of the Solar Electric System You are Installing

Like most products, manufacturers are willing to give volume discounts. So, if you are installing many panels to build your solar electric collection system, you stand a chance of having these panels cost slightly less than someone who is buying the same panels for a smaller solar electric setup. This plays a role in how big your solar services provider is too. If you are dealing with a solar panel installation company that orders panels by the hundreds, your solar panels will probably cost slightly less than a solar services company that orders panels in small lots as they are needed. 

Area Demand for Solar Panels

An often-overlooked area for determining how much solar panels cost is the geographic area a person lives in. That’s because there is a higher demand for solar panels in certain areas of the country and this drives the cost up. For example, due to normal weather conditions, not many people in Alaska are knocking the doors down to install new solar electric collection grids. Just the opposite is true in Florida where they have abundant sunshine. Now that the energy production of solar panels has greatly increased over the last few decades, the demand for solar panels has never been greater there. So, you can expect to pay more for comparable solar panels in Florida than in Alaska. The same holds for other areas of the country as well.

Tax Credits and Other Cost Factors

When determining how much solar panels cost, make sure that you ask your local solar services provider what tax credits are currently available for these renewable energy using devices. Often you will find federal tax credits are available for solar panel purchases and you may even find tax credits on the state and local levels too. Some of these may be substantial if you time it right. You also should not overlook the fact that by purchasing a solar electric collection grid for your home, you are setting yourself up for some substantial savings on your energy bills over the long-term. Given enough time, this cost savings will probably far surpass the cost of your solar panel setup. Those who live in areas that offer ‘net metering’, this is where homeowners can sell the excess solar power they generate back to the grid, must also be considered when pricing solar panels. 

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