How to Clean Solar Panels on Roof

How to Clean Solar Panels on Roof JacksonvilleAre you looking for information on how to clean solar panels on roof? You came to the right page. We will be sharing with you some tips and important reminders to ensure that your solar panels remain efficient after you clean them and for your safety as well.

Solar panels are built to be tough and durable. They last for many years with only a reasonably small amount of maintenance. Solar panels are generally self-cleaning as well. This means that they don’t need regular cleaning because wind and rainwater can help you out with that job.

However, there are some areas dustier than the other. There are also some roof-mounted solar panels that are placed in a position or angle where it can potentially gather more dust and debris. Therefore, knowledge about how to clean solar panels on roof is absolutely necessary.

First of all, we are here to remind you that any activity that involves climbing up the roof is risky. So you must consider calling a solar maintenance team to clean the solar panels rather than doing it on your own. If you decide to DIY the cleaning process, check with your solar contractor about the warranty coverage of your solar panels. In some cases, there are cleaning specifications recommended by the solar contractor and failing to follow may lead to the warranty getting void.

Solar panels, just like most roof materials, get extremely hot during the day. Because they are usually positioned under direct sunlight, expect the panels to get painfully hot and dangerous to touch. It is best to clean roof solar panel very early in the morning or after the sun sets.

You only need some warm water, soap, soft and clean cloth or sponge to get the job done. If you have a large set of solar panels mounted on the roof, then you can use mops with thick cloths or sponge to make the job easier. Make sure not to wipe the panels too roughly to avoid damage.

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