How to Protect Solar Panels from Storm

How to Protect Solar Panels from Storm Ormond BeachWe all know that there are plenty of hurricanes that come to Florida year after year. Many homeowners and business establishments worry about property safety. When you have a solar panel system, you might be worrying whether it can withstand hurricanes. It is essential learn how to protect solar panels from storm or at least understand whether these panels are sturdy enough to withstand bad weather.

It is comforting to know that solar panels are tough. They’re durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather. As earlier mentioned, hurricanes come to Florida every year but many residents still invest in solar panels. For most of them, their solar panel systems have been standing strong for many years already.

How to Protect Solar Panels from Storm, Tips to Keep in Mind

Although solar panels are built tough and sturdy and you can stay confident that they will stand through storms if you got them installed by a reliable and trusted solar contractor, it is still best to take extra precautions.

How to protect solar panels from storm? Here are some tips you should keep in mind.

Prune the Trees that Surround Your Solar Panel System

Fallen branches and debris can potentially damage and break solar panels. So before hurricane season, make sure that you have trimmed or pruned trees that surround your roof or the ground where the solar panels are installed.

Solar Panel Inspection and Maintenance

You may also call a licensed solar contractor for solar inspection and maintenance. Sometimes, the seals on your solar panels can wear out over time. This may result in water getting inside the system and damage the solar PV mechanism. The solar contractor can check whether the solar panel frames and seals are still in great condition. For peace of mind, you can do this every year before hurricane season comes.

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