Is Solar Still a Good Idea in 2021?

Is Solar Still a Good Idea in 2021 Ormond BeachIs solar still a good idea in 2021? Right now, a lot of people are becoming even more eco-conscious looking for ways on how to help the environment. The shift to a more sustainable lifestyle is becoming evident as well with the rise in popularity of reusable utensils, edible straws, eco-bags, shampoo bars, and environmental-friendly clothing and shoes. One of the most obvious shifts in recent years however is the shift to a more sustainable form of energy to power households— solar energy.

Electricity is more important today more than ever. We use it to power our homes and establishments. A long blackout could even mean a loss of income for a lot of people, especially those who are running businesses. But in 2021, is the shift to solar still worth it? The answer to this is yes. 

The Benefits of Solar Energy in 2021

Installing solar panels in your homes is one of the best decisions you could ever make. Read below to find out some of its benefits in today’s world. 

Affordability. A lot of people think that installing solar panels at home is very expensive. There is a truth to this initially when you make your first investment but the amount will always depend on several factors including the type of panels you are going to use, and the number of panels needed to power your home. At present, the cost of installation of solar panels decreased significantly even if there is a huge demand.

It can help you save on your utility bills. This is one of the main reasons why people are shifting to solar energy. In a simple sense, solar panels get their energy from the sun so the cost of utilities will relatively be less. The federal government is also giving 26% tax credit and sometimes, you can even get paid by your local electric company for any excess energy that your panels generated. 

It reduces your carbon footprint. Solar energy is a form of renewable energy, unlike fossil fuels which are finite and harmful to the environment. By having a solar-powered home, you also contribute a lot to cleaning the air. 

It requires little maintenance. Solar panels are very easy to maintain. Keeping your panels clean by wiping them regularly with a soft cloth can do the trick. This is also the same even if it is raining or snowing. In case the panels are damaged by extreme weather, the manufacturer’s warranty or insurance can cover it. 

It can easily be installed. You need a permit from your local government city planning team when installing solar panels in your home. Your solar panel provider will mostly handle anything for you as well during the installation process. 

Licensed Solar Installation in Ormond Beach, FL

With power companies constantly raising their rates, switching to solar energy might benefit you more in the long run. Apart from being a great investment for your home, you can contribute a lot in helping the environment heal as well. With proper maintenance, solar panels can last for ages and can help you save not just money but tons of energy as well. 

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