Licensed Solar Contractor

Licensed Solar Contractor JacksonvilleWhen you’re planning to switch to solar power or if you’re about to purchase any solar product, it is best to reach out to a licensed solar contractor. Aside from being qualified and skilled to deliver any kind of solar-related service properly, a licensed company can also guarantee using the highest-quality materials and the most efficient solar products according to your requirements. 

However, there are so many solar contractors out there and it can get challenging to choose the best one to work with. One thing to remember – you can’t just pick a random name off the directory as this can get very risky. Because solar is a serious investment, it would be ideal to work with a company that has a good track record and reputation of delivering great services and products to its customers. 

Ideally, your solar contractor should be able to offer a variety of solar products and services that are available for both residential and commercial properties. This is to give you the assurance that you won’t have to look elsewhere when there’s a particular product or service you’re looking for. Among the usual solar products and services are the following: 

So how exactly would you know if one licensed solar contractor is the best one to hire for your property? Here are some considerations: 

  • The contractor should be able to offer services in your area. When your community does not belong in their list of service areas, you may have to pay extra fees just for them to travel to your location. Furthermore, they may not have an office nearby that can help you should you need immediate assistance.
  • Check the solar contractor’s portfolio or testimonials given by their previous customers. Many businesses say the nicest things about their company to sell you their service but not all can prove that they can deliver as promised. By looking at reviews of past and present customers, you can at least have an idea of the kind of service to expect. 
  • Choose one that offers free inspections and consultations. Don’t get stuck in a commitment to purchase a product or service just because you asked a company some questions. The best solar contractor with proper licensing should also be able to answer your inquiries even before you make a purchase. 

Wayne’s Solar offers all of the above and many more. We are committed to delivering excellent services and solar products that will go beyond our clients’ expectations. We are a licensed solar contractor operating in Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Jacksonville, New Smyrna Beach, St. Augustine, Palatka, and many other areas across Florida. Reach out to our team of experts and schedule your free consultation by calling 386-673-9720 today!