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HiTec Molded Headers Jacksonville

Hi-Tec uses today’s most advanced technology to create a single piece, over-molded header. The header is the main conduit that carries your pool’s water to and from the absorber surface. Traditionally, headers are welded to the absorber. Welds tend to naturally weaken over time with the normal stress of expansion and contraction of day-to-day use.

During the manufacturing of Hi-Tec panels, raw material is forced into a mold. This material is under intense pressure and high heat as it flows into the mold, directly over the absorber. The result is a solid, one piece panel with virtually no manufacturing variances. There is more to Hi-Tec’s molded header than durability. It is your pool waters’ expressway, and traffic jams are not allowed! Because the header is molded directly around the absorber tubes, there are no barriers, so water freely exits the header into each individual tube. Simple welding, or other manufacturing methods, can block the flow of water significantly at this point; which in turn reduces the amount of heat delivered to your pool. Flow restrictions also add back pressure to the pool’s entire filtration system, and can reduce its overall life expectancy. Simply stated – the more water that can flow through your heating system, the more heat that will be transferred to your pool


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