Omni-Swim Solar Heat Pump

Omni-Swim Pool Heat Pump Ormond Beach FL

​Swimming is always more relaxing and enjoyable when the water is warm enough for you to take a dip, no matter the time of year. Regular pool heaters can greatly increase energy costs, but you have the option to use solar pool products which are a great cost savings! One of your best options is the Aquatherm Omni-Swim Solar Heat Pump, installed by Wayne’s Solar.

Aquatherm created the Omni-Swim Solar Heat Pump Hybrid with solar in mind. In fact, it is the first in its class to offer an integral solar diverter valve combined with a solar feed on its rear and return ports, too.

It is hydraulically-efficient and compatible with most two-speed and variable speed pumps. Its heat exchanger technology also uses best-in-class titanium shell and tube. This powerful technology all adds up to the state-of-the-art pool heat pump for your and your family!

Omni-Swim Features

Among the many great features of the Aquatherm Omni-Swim Solar Heat Pump are the following:

  • Direct Solar Thermal – Omni-Swim is built with solar in mind. Therefore, it is already pre-made with plumbing features for solar thermal collection.
  • Indirect Solar Thermal – As the sun heats ambient air, the Omni-Swim Heat Pump can transfer this heated air to your swimming pool.
  • Photovoltaic Solar Electric – The Omni-Swim may be connected to your current solar PV system so your pool or spa can rely on 100% solar power for heating.

Learn more about the Aquatherm Omni-Swim Solar Heat Pump, by reviewing the the brochure below.

Aquatherm Omni-Swim Brochure

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