Ponce Inlet Solar Water Heating

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There are many benefits you can enjoy when you switch to solar. One of them would be significant savings on your power bills and fuel costs. Sure, the installation costs and materials, in the beginning, can be pricey, but solar is definitely a great investment that promises huge returns over time. Within just a couple of years or so, depending on your usual power consumption, then you can already have all those power savings pay off the installation costs of your solar panel system! 

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Solar Water Heaters in Ponce Inlet, FL

Using solar panels for heating water has not only been used for regular water systems in houses but also in residential swimming pools on a larger scale where it is beneficial to have a sizeable amount of savings in your electric bills.

Some of the modern solar hot water panel systems provide the majority of the hot water requirements for the average household use especially during the months of summer. 

The solar hot water panel system uses free heat from the sun to warm domestic hot water. In cases where the water heating system does not reach the proper temperature, a back up is in place. The larger the solar panel, the better since it can provide energy to heat your house as well.

Solar Panels Ponce Inlet
Ponce Inlet Solar Water Heater

Ponce Inlet Solar Panel Installation

The benefits you can get from solar panels is that you can have it work all year round and at the same time cut your electric bill as well and also cut your carbon footprint since it is green or environmentally friendly.

You have the option to place your solar panel on the roof where it is the most accessible to the sunlight. Wayne’s Solar also offers ground-mounted solar panel installation when you still have a large unused area in your property. Ground-mounted solar panels may be positioned strategically so that they can maximize the amount of sunlight they can get throughout the day. 

A great advantage of ground-mounted solar is that the panels can easily be cleaned and maintained. They remain cool as well because the air is able to circulate around the panels. 

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