Pool Heater for Intex Pool

Pool Heater for Intex PoolOne of the most popular pool brands in America, and across the world for that matter, are those made by Intex. This is because they come in all shapes and sizes and many affordable price ranges. There is one problem with these pools though and that’s they are aboveground swimming pools; so many people wonder how they go about getting a pool heater for Intex pool products. This is a very good question because you cannot use quick heating pool heaters on these pools such as those that run on natural gas and propane. That’s because they weaken Intex pools mostly flexible plastic and rubberized pool materials. There are still ways to go about safely heating your Intex pool and we will discuss those here. 

Small Electric Heaters

This is a good choice as a pool heater for Intex pool products but it’s not the ideal choice and we will get to that in a second. Small electric heaters work ok for heating Intex aboveground pools because they do not produce heat instantly at very high temperatures like gas heaters do. So they will not weaken an Intex pool’s structure. The drawback with these comes with the fact that they are weather-sensitive and you have to run an electrical connection to them or hook them up near the house and then run lengthy plumbing to the pool. These factors make the installation of electric pool heaters not the ideal choice to heat an Intex pool. 

Solar Heaters Are Best for Intex Pools

This is by far the most popular solution for those that want a pool heater for Intex pool products. That’s because solar pool products are not only relatively easy to install, they are the most affordable type of heaters too. This includes the fact that they cost little or nothing to run once they are installed. They are also the most environmentally friendly type of pool heater because their heat source comes from renewable solar energy. These types of swimming pool heaters heat so slowly they will not harm any Intex pool’s rubberized or plastic structure pieces. The only problem with using a solar pool heater to heat your Intex pool is obviously if there is no sun on a particular day, you won’t be able to heat your swimming pool much if at all.

Consult with a Local Pool Heating Specialist

What’s the best way to get sound information on the proper types of equipment to use as a pool heater for Intex pool products? It’s to consult your local pool professional or solar heating specialist. Chances are with the popularity of Intex swimming pools, they may even have experience hooking heaters up to these economical and versatile aboveground swimming pools.   

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