​Putnam County Solar Installation Services

Putnam County Solar InstallationWhen you’re looking for the best Putnam County solar company to hire, Wayne’s Solar is definitely the contractor to call. ​With over 30 years of excellence in solar installation services, you can only expect top quality products and excellent workmanship. Whether you’re looking to switch to solar for your residential or commercial property, our extensively trained team is more than happy to help you out. 

Aside from installation services, we also offer free solar inspections, maintenance, and repairs of all kinds of solar panel installations. With numerous properties in Putnam County getting solar services from Wayne’s Solar, you can be assured that you will be working with an honest and reliable team.

If you live in Putnam County or if you’re considering solar power for your business, Wayne’s Solar is the company to call. We serve the entire county including the following cities: 

  • Palatka
  • Interlachen
  • Crescent City
  • East Palatka
  • Pomona Park
  • Welaka
  • Bardin

​​​Putnam County Solar Panels and Other Solar Services

There are many benefits you can enjoy when you switch to solar. Of course, you will certainly have reduced energy costs because solar is practically a free source of energy. While installation may be pricey in the beginning, you will absolutely get huge returns for your investment within a few years or so – depending on the size of your solar installation and your daily consumption. 

Among the solar products and services Wayne’s Solar offers in Putnam County are the following:

Solar Panels Putnam County

Solar Water Heaters in Putnam County, Florida

Among the most energy-consuming electric appliances in homes and offices across Putnam County are water heaters. Especially when you have a large household that uses hot or warm water several times a day, expect your energy bills to increase continuously over time. Thankfully, there’s an economical solution to this – solar water heaters

When you heat water via traditional electricity, it requires a lot of power and time. Imagine your electric meter running for the length of time you are in the shower. Multiply that to the number of people in your household who uses the shower once, twice or even many more times throughout the day. When you have a solar water heater, you don’t need to count the number of minutes a family member spends in the shower. With this low-cost energy solution, you don’t have to be concerned as much when it comes to your water heating costs. After you have invested in a solar water system, you can immediately enjoy the great energy savings associated with it. Best of all, you can feel better about using a clean and renewable energy source, hence, decreasing your household’s carbon footprint. 

There are several solar water heater products out there so it can get challenging when you need to choose the best one for your household. At Wayne’s Solar, our staff can give you expert advice and recommendations on the types of solar products that you can benefit from the most. With our free solar inspections and consultations, we will help you identify what kind of solar water heater you need and how much power you require in your household or place of business.

Putnam County Solar Pool Heater

Solar Pool Heating Putnam CountyDo you have a swimming pool in your yard? Sure, Florida enjoys a lot of lovely weather almost year-round but that doesn’t mean that the water in your swimming pool remains warm all day and night and even through winter. Many Putnam County homeowners are now looking for more economical and environmentally-friendly ways to keep their pool warm. The best option? Definitely solar pool heaters. 

At Wayne’s Solar, we work hand-in-hand with top brands who offer not only solar swimming pool heaters but several pool products as well including solar pool pumps, variable speed pumps, salt and chlorine generators, and more. All these use a clean and renewable energy source that is affordable at the same time. 

With a solar pool heater, you and your family can enjoy more hours of fun bonding in the swimming pool without feeling guilty about the high energy costs of heating! 

Top Solar Contractor in Putnam County, FL

By now, you must have already learned a lot about the many benefits of switching to solar. Still in doubt? Speak to the experts at Wayne’s Solar and we’ll dive deeper into details. Our free inspections and consultations includes customized recommendations on the best type of solar products you can take advantage of. We will check your usual energy consumption, the types of electronics and appliances you operate in your home, and everything that consumes a lot of power. All these add to your energy bill, but with solar, you can eliminate some or most of these power costs. Once we have already installed your solar panels, you can personally monitor your solar panel system’s performance real-time with this user-friendly program!

Solar panel installations may seem like such an expensive purchase in the beginning. But you must remember that this is an investment. Aside from the fact that the real estate value of your property will increase significantly the moment you get solar panels installed, your solar power system will help you pay for this investment on its own. Within a few years or so, all the energy savings could have already paid for your initial investment. When you need assistance, you can also check on these financing options.

We make sure that each member of our team is highly trained and knowledgeable in all things solar. Wayne’s Solar guarantees using the best quality materials for your solar installation to ensure long-lasting efficiency and durability. We carry top brands and get you involved when choosing the solar products you want for your property. 

Call the experts in Wayne’s Solar for a free estimate and a free consultation session. For your Putnam County solar installation needs, you may reach us at (386) 673-9720!


Wayne’s Solar offers free solar consultations to determine the very best solar investments for your unique situation. This will help you to determine the cost savings that you can realize from a solar investment for your home or business. We can also show you how you can monitor the performance of your solar product in real-time! Schedule your consultation today, and take the first step to a green energy future today!