Enjoy Savings With Solar Pool Heating

savings with solar pool heating new smyrna beachMany people are starting to learn the various ways that solar energy can help them save money and lower their carbon footprint on the earth. One of the most popular uses for solar energy these days is to heat swimming pools. This works very efficiently and uses very little fossil fuel to make it happen. Most definitely, when installed properly, you will enjoy savings with solar pool heating.

One may also wonder about the cost of solar pool heating. Truth be told, there is no specific answer to how much does solar pool heating cost that is the same for everyone. That’s because there are factors related to swimming pool heating that are different in almost every individual situation.

It must first be noted that once a solar pool heating system is installed there is only one cost to make it work. That’s the cost of the energy to run the pump that circulates the water through the solar heat collectors and then deposits that heated water back into the swimming pool. You must also consider that every single day of the year is not sunny, so you may have to supplement your solar heat with a gas heater or heat pump to keep it maintained at a comfortable swim temperature. This obviously is a variable that is hard to put an exact cost on.

Here are some other important factors to consider when it comes to determining how much does solar pool heating cost:

Pool Size
It only makes sense that the bigger the surface area of your pool the longer you will have to circulate the water through your solar collectors to make it work.

Pool Depth
The deeper a swimming pool is the more water it contains. More water takes longer to heat up.

Your Location in the USA
This determines the number of hours a day your solar collectors get direct sun. The further south you live the longer the days are, so it stands to reason that your solar pool heating system will be more efficient.

Inground or Above Ground Pool
Above ground pools have no natural insulation around them. That means solar pool heating systems must work longer to keep the water in them warm on cooler days. Inground pools get natural insulation from the ground they are set into.

Great Savings With Solar Pool Heating in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Whether you have a small or large swimming pool, if you decide to use solar for your pool heating needs, you will certainly be able to save more money as compared to using gas or electric-powered pool heaters. Begin enjoying savings with solar pool heating by calling Wayne’s Solar today. We serve Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange, Palm Coast, Jacksonville, and many other areas in various Florida counties. Call us at 386-673-9720 for a free estimate!