Solar Attic Fans

In Florida, we generally do notSolar Attic Fan Ormond Beach have basements, but we do have attics and these attics are very hot and damp almost year round. This costs us a lot of money, as it ups the temperature of our houses and increases our cooling costs.

Wayne’s Solar offers an economic solution to this problem with solar-powered attic fans in 12, 24, 36, and 60-watt models. Our solar attic fans are powered totally by solar energy – only the free power from the sun is needed to keep them running!

We also offer garage exhaust kits, which convert your solar attic fan into a garage ventilation system.

Wayne’s Solar offers adjustable attic fans installed by ourSolar Attic Fan Daytona Beach licensed contractors, proven to provide the air circulation needed to keep attics dry and at reasonable temperature. This saves you money and works in perfect tandem with other solar energy systems,  including solar hot water heaters and solar electric systems.

Installation of a solar attic fan provides the following benefits:

  • Less moisture means less chance of mold growth.
  • Circulation of fresh, healthy air is increased.
  • Air conditioner works less to cool home, saving money and lasting longer.
  • Less chance of rust, rot, and premature roof breakdown.

Solar Attic Fan Jacksonville

As you can see, installing a solar attic fan is a win-win proposition. Wayne’s Solar has chosen the Natural Light brand for solar attic fans because:They have the best warranty in the business.The fans are housed in powder coated black or grey aluminum instead of plastic.

  • The fans have five blades as opposed to three.
  • The fans have a stainless steel animal screen.
  • They are efficient, quiet, and durable.
  • Natural Light Solar Attic Fans vent up to 1260, 2100, 2625, or 3255 square feet of attic (depending on the model).
  • The solar panel can be adjusted and tilted to point at wherever the sun is at its maximum brightness, regardless of where the fan is located on the roof.

Be careful when selecting a solar powered attic fan, many of our competitors offer inferior fans at higher prices. Their fans are often plastic instead of aluminum, and don’t have adjustable solar panels – so they can really only be installed on the south face of your home


Wayne’s Solar offers free solar consultations to determine the very best solar investments for your unique situation. This will help you to determine the cost savings that you can realize from a solar investment for your home or business. We can also show you how you can monitor the performance of your solar product in real-time! Schedule your consultation today, and take the first step to a green energy future today!