How to Get a Solar Installation Estimate

Solar Installation Estimate Ormond BeachIt is safe to assume that any homeowner looking into switching to solar power wants to get a solar installation estimate. Most of the prices one will find online are vague, ballpark figures, or simply outdated. To get a more accurate estimate, it is best to reach out to a solar contractor. 

Why do you need to get an estimate first? Solar panels aren’t exactly cheap investments, but they’re really worth every penny. If you want to get solar as your primary or at least one of your home’s energy sources, you can expect a lot of savings over the years. But then again, investing means spending some money upfront. 

Also, different solar companies offer varying rates. Perhaps the price for the actual solar PV materials are quite similar, but the cost of labor may come in wide ranges. To prevent fees that might catch you by surprise when it’s time to sign a contract and make a payment, it’s best to get a quote for the installation first. 

What Happens When You Get a Solar Installation Estimate

When you call a solar company over the phone or send them a message, they might give you a figure that shows how much one solar panel would cost, or they can also give you a solar panel package cost. The cost varies depending on the number of kW an installation has.

To get a more precise estimate, you can ask the solar contractor to visit your location. They will then conduct a site inspection which includes identifying the best areas to install the solar panels. At the same time, they can take a look at your home appliances and electronics, check on your usual power consumption, and recommend the solar panel installation size that’s most beneficial to your needs. 

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