Solar Panel Cleaning Tips

Ormond Beach Solar Panel CleaningSolar panels are made to withstand varying weather conditions since they are installed outdoors. They are expected to get dirty over time; however, the wind can blow off dust and debris and rainwater can wash them as well. Despite these self-cleaning possibilities, it is still best to know more about solar panel cleaning and how to properly and safely do it.

When your solar panels get dirty and dusty, it can lose about 20 to 25% of its expected efficiency. This is why seasonal solar panel maintenance is essential. Before cleaning solar panels on your own, check with your manufacturer or trusted solar contractor first because they may have their own recommendations. Here are also some tips you can keep in mind:

Clean your solar panels early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Because the sun shines on solar panels directly, they can very hot and painful to touch during the day. The best time to clean them is in the morning before it gets warm or before the sun sets when they have already cooled down.

Be very careful when cleaning roof-mounted solar panels. Ground-mounted solar panels are easier to clean because they’re mostly within reach. When you have to clean panels located on your roof, you have to be extra careful for safety reasons.

A garden hose is usually enough to clean the solar panels. Avoid using pressure washers because too much water pressure might cause damage to your solar panels. If the solar panels are very dirty, you can use a soft sponge, warm water and soap. Don’t use abrasive materials that can scratch the surface of the solar panels.

If you believe that solar panel cleaning required for your home’s installation is tougher than you expected because of too much dirt that accumulated through time, call your local solar contractor for assistance.

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