Solar Panel Maintenance and Repair

Solar Panel Maintenance and Repair Ormond BeachMany people who have rooftop solar electric collection systems do not realize that they should be doing regular solar panel maintenance and repair on those systems. That’s the very best way for any solar panel owner to maximize the investment they have in their rooftop solar electric collection system. This is true even though there are no moving parts on solar panels.

How do you know when it’s time to do maintenance and repairs on your solar panels? Some of that has to do with common sense or system performance. Here are some generally accepted solar electric collection system guidelines for doing maintenance and repairs.

Cleaning is the #1 Maintenance Need

The most important part of any routine solar panel maintenance and repair is cleaning. That’s because if you have a rooftop mounted solar energy collection system, it’s going to be fully exposed to the elements. That means that dirt, pollutants, pollen, and other debris will start to eventually coat the outside of your panels. This will result in not as much sun reaching the surface of your solar panels and, in turn, is converted into usable electricity. Usually, all it takes to clean your solar panels is washing them off with a spray nozzle attached to a hose. Be wary of using high-pressure spray because it may damage your solar panels or collection. If you are not comfortable working at heights, you can get a local solar services provider to do this for you. This should be done at least every six months. 

Get Routine Solar Panel Inspections Done 

Another important rooftop solar electric collection system maintenance step is getting yearly inspections done on the system. During these inspections, a solar services specialist will check to see if your solar panels are clean, showing any visible signs of wear, and if there is any worrisome corrosion or electrical connection problems. These inspections are great for catching and correcting small solar panel problems before they become bigger and more expensive repairs. It may not even be a bad idea to get your local solar services provider to do a good solar panel cleaning while they are up on the roof doing the routine inspection of the system. 

Keep an Eye on Your Monitoring System

There is one good way that you can tell if you need solar panel maintenance and repair tasks done. That is by evaluating your solar electric collection system’s performance. You should be keeping track of the energy production from your solar electric collection system over time. That way you will know what you can expect in energy production during different months of the year. If you start to see significant declines in energy production for several months in a row, this is a pretty good indication that your solar panels and the rest of your solar electrical grid system require either maintenance or repairs. It never hurts to play it safe and pay your local solar services provider to come to your home and inspect the system.

Solar Panel Repairs in Ormond Beach, FL

It must be said that solar panels do not require repairs too often if at all. As was stated, they do not have any moving parts on them. So as long as the outside of your solar panels does not show signs of visible cracks in the surface of them or signs of heavy corrosion, you should be ok. You are more likely to have to replace a solar panel that has stopped functioning instead of making a repair to it. The most common repairs on solar electric collection systems usually involve problems with the grid electrical connections. 

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