Solar Panel Maintenance Tips

Solar Panel Maintenance Tips Ormond BeachA solar electric system is quite a large investment for homeowners, that’s why they must be maintained regularly. The solar panel maintenance tips below can hopefully help you out. Solar power is one the most cost-efficient and the most popular form of renewable energy. At present, more and more households from all over are investing in solar panels to power their home because of the many benefits it brings.

If you are planning to convert to using renewable energy and put up solar panels in your home, you may start to think if they need a lot of maintenance. They don’t. You don’t even need complex cleaning tools. How then can you maintain your panels? Here are some simple solar panel maintenance tips that you can follow.

Regularly check for dirt build-up. You can easily clean your panels with a soft cloth. Since they are made of glass, you can easily clean each panel the way you clean the glass surfaces in your home. Solar panels work by converting the energy brought by the sun into electricity. If they are covered with dust or dirt, the amount of energy absorbed by them can be reduced. Make it a habit to regularly check if your panels are still generally clean.

During rain or when you feel that there’s too much dirt accumulated already, you may give your panel cleaning with running water run through a hose. You may clean off hard to remove residue with a cloth after. Many homeowners also install sprinklers on their roofs to regularly clean the panels with water.

Check frame wiring and alignment. Even if your solar panels are working perfectly, it is important to check on their wirings and the frame alignment from time to time. Doing so can give a heads up if there is anything that needs replacement. Damaged wiring can cause major problems and you might end up being electrocuted if you don’t take care of it early on. 

For the frames, make sure that there are no cracks around its surface where water or dust can penetrate. These will eventually damage your solar panels.

Monitor energy usage. While solar energy is guaranteed to reduce your energy bill, you can check and maintain its efficacy by regularly monitoring its performance. You can opt to install your energy monitor to track your energy metrics. Some energy monitors are very easy to use and have an app where you can monitor. 

Should you see a change or a drop in your solar panel performance even if the sunlight in your area is consistent, you would be able to track early if there is something wrong.

Solar panels are quite to maintain. Depending on where you install it, you can clean it regularly. With proper care, your panels can last decades. If you, however, noticed things that are beyond your control, you can always hire the service of a professional for solar panel maintenance and repair. If you live in a huge home or a building type structure, it could be dangerous to check on the panels, especially if these are placed in the roof. A professional might be needed as well in this case.

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