Solar Panels or Solar Tiles

Solar Panels or Solar Tiles Ormond BeachIf you want to install a solar energy collection system, you may not realize that you have the choice between solar panels or solar tiles. Many people even confuse these as being the same thing but they are quite a bit different except that they both convert the sun’s rays into electricity.

What is it that makes them different? That’s a topic that will take some lengthy explaining. So, let’s get to that, so you will be better able to choose as to which ones you will use in your solar energy collection system.

The Similarities of Solar Panels and Solar Tiles

Before we get into the differences between solar panels and solar tiles, it’s best to tell you what is similar between them. Here are the main similarities:

  • They both use a process that’s known as photovoltaics to change sunlight into usable electricity. 
  • These two types of solar collectors have very similar efficiency ratings in most cases of around 20%. 
  • Solar Panels and Solar tiles use the same support equipment to operate.
  • They both offer good value for the money because they will pay for themselves in energy savings over time.

What are Solar Tiles?

This is a much newer technology than solar panels. That is both good and bad. The reason for that is they are not time-tested to see exactly how well they work and how long they will last. What’s good about that is they have the latest versions of photovoltaic technology in them. These are installed like any other type of roof covering so they can fit on a variety of roof shapes. The only problem with that is they cannot be oriented to where they will catch the most sun as solar panels can. They do make for a much better-looking roof than those that have somewhat bulky solar panels placed on them. 

The Advantages of Solar Tiles

When whether to purchase solar panels or solar tiles, you should know these benefits that solar tiles offer to you:

  • They will work even on irregularly shaped roofs.
  • Solar tiles are made to mimic the look of slate and other natural roofing materials. This makes them much more attractive than solar panels when placed upon a roof.
  • These are an option that is much lighter than solar panels.
  • Their cost keeps coming down with each passing year. 

What are Solar Panels?

These have been the mainstays of solar energy collection systems for many decades now. During that time there have been several advances in this technology that have raised their efficiency and lowered their cost. Unlike solar tiles, they are not embedded into the roof covering material but are instead either strapped or glued on top of an existing roof covering. This allows them to be oriented in the direction where they will get the most sun but an installer also has to be careful not to put leaks in a roof when installing them. 

The Advantages of Solar Panels

To know whether to purchase solar panels or solar tiles for your solar energy collection system, it will help if you learn some of the advantages that solar panels offer as opposed to solar tiles. Here are the main ones:

  • They are time-tested to be very effective when it comes to collecting and converting sunlight into electrical energy. They have been around for several decades. 
  • Solar panels can be mounted on rooftops or can be placed on specially built panels at ground level.
  • The initial cost of these in most cases is less than that of solar tiles.
  • They can be oriented on a roof in a way that they catch the most sun. 
  • Solar panel installation is much easier than solar tile installation in most cases. 

Trusted Solar Panel Installers in Ormond Beach, FL

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