Solar System Performance

​At Wayne’s Solar, we provide our residential and commercial clients a user interface to monitor your solar system’s performance. You can view the system’s output in real-time, as well as historical performance. There are also a number of metrics that you can view to see the system’s overall output. This data allows you to measure system production, and how your home or commercial building is using solar energy to reduce your reliance on the utilities.

Please review the video below to see a demonstration:

​Solar System Performance

Through our solar partner, Enphase, our clients can login on their computer and measure output at any time of day. You can also see a number of additional performance measures that will keep you informed on how your system is performing and producing. This information is invaluable as you assess the return on your investment, and how the system is reducing your reliance on the grid.

Please review a number of these important performance measures below. The images are from the client interface, putting you in control of your system’s performance and output.

​Solar System Production

Solar System Performance

​Solar Performance Graph Over Time

Solar Performance New Smyrna Beach

​Energy Production Report by Month & Year

Energy Production Report Daytona Beach

​Energy Output Over Specified Date Range

Enphase Energy Enlighten Hinckley Residence Reports New Smyrna Beach

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