Solar Pool Heating Benefits in Florida

Solar Pool Heating Benefits in FloridaWhat are some of the best solar pool heating benefits in Florida? The Sunshine State enjoys great weather all year. During the colder season, however, if you are going out for a swim, the mild drop in the temperature especially during fall and winter may be enough to make you feel cold. How can you relax by the pool if the water is cold, right?

Swimming pools are pretty common in Florida. You often see them in vacation houses and public leisure places. Many pool owners are seeing the benefits of installing solar pool heaters for people to enjoy warm and comfortable pool water all year round. A solar pool heater is a great way to save costs on pool heating as well.

Top Benefits of Solar Pool Heating in Florida

If you are looking to invest solar pool heating system for your pool property, blow are the other great benefits of solar pool heaters that might convince you finally get one.

Low energy bills. Solar pool heaters use energy from the sun to heat an entire pool. It is similar to the one being used to power homes. Since pools are mostly outdoors and exposed to sunlight, much energy is generated to keep them warm. Solar heaters have no recurring cost compared to gas or electric heaters.

Low maintenance cost. Solar pool heaters do not use moving pumps to heat a pool. When you invest in a solar pool heater, that is probably the only time you would be paying more. The equipment only requires minimal maintenance cost but it can last for ages. 

Environmental-friendly. Solar energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy because it is powered by the sun. This makes it very environmentally sustainable as well. Solar panels don’t release harmful gases in the air and are forever renewable.

Additional value to the pool property. While investing in solar heaters can help you save a lot in the long run, having it at home feels all the more luxurious and can add value to your pool property. If you run a vacation home with a pool for rent, you can keep your business open all year round and your guests can have a comfortable stay.

Comfortability. A heated pool is definitely more comfortable and it will allow you to do many activities such as swimming and playing pool games without being cold. Winter in Florida is generally mild so you can definitely enjoy more swim months.

More family time. If your family loves to bond over swimming, having a solar pool heating system can let you have more water bonding fun with the entire family. Imagine swimming in warm pool water while enjoying some games and great barbecue, exciting right? It also gives you peace of mind knowing your solar heater uses renewable energy and your electricity bill won’t be affected.

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Florida is simply the best place to have a solar pool heating system installed. Thanks to its geographical location and abundance of sunlight, solar pool heaters can generate enough energy to keep your pool warm all year round. Now that you already know about solar pool heating benefits in Florida, it’s time to choose the best solar contractor to help you out. Wayne’s Solar installs and maintains solar pool heating systems in Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Deltona, Port Orange, and the surrounding areas. Contact us at 386-673-9720 for a free estimate!