Solar Pool Heating Calculator

Solar Pool Heating Calculator

One of the most popular ways to heat swimming pools these days is by using the sun’s powerful rays. That’s because these solar pool heating systems are cost-efficient and effective. This is especially true the further south that someone lives in the country. Solar pool heating systems can also be made to be as simple or sophisticated as a pool owner wants. All of this usually leads pool owners to ask one question and that’s how much solar pool heating systems cost. That is determined by using a solar pool heating calculator – costs and size depend on many different factors.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no photovoltaic properties to solar pool heating panels as they do not turn sunlight into energy. As a matter of fact, solar pool heating panels can better be described as mats. That’s because they are basically black mats that have small tubing attached throughout their entirety. These mats and tubing get very hot on sunny days. The pool water is circulated through this tubing and it picks up that heat and deposits it back in the swimming pool. The system can even be run at night to cool the pool if it gets overly warm. The bigger the pool the more of these solar mats that are needed and that’s where the solar pool heating calculator – costs and size comes into play.

Even though solar pool heating panels (mats) come in different sizes, the most common size is 4’x12’ so that’s what we will base all of our calculations on. 

Here are the steps involved for using a solar pool heating calculator – costs and size will vary depending on the final number that someone comes up with for their pool.

1. First off you have to determine the gallonage of your swimming pool. This is done by measuring the length and width of your pool and then multiplying that by the average depth and then multiplying that figure by 4.78 (the number of gallons in a cubic foot of pool water).

Example: A 16’ x 32’ swimming pool has 512 square feet of surface area. Multiply that figure by 4.6 (the average depth of the pool in our example) = 2355 cubic feet of the pool area. Now multiply that figure by 4.78 (gallons in a cubic foot of water) = 11,257 gallons of pool water in this particular example swimming pool.

2. Next, you have to determine how many solar panels it will take to efficiently heat that amount of pool water in your pool each day. That is done by taking the gallonage figure that you just came up with and dividing it by a manufacturer’s recommended amount of pool gallonage per 4’ x 12’ solar panel (this figure may be different from manufacturer to manufacturer).

Example: You know you have 11,257 gallons of water in your swimming pool and a manufacturer says one solar pool heating mat can efficiently heat 5,000 gallons of pool water each day.

So you divide 5000 into 11, 257 and come up with a figure of 2.25 solar pool heating panels to efficiently heat this swimming pool. Round the figure up because nobody is ever going to install half of a solar pool heating panel. So you need to install three 4’ x 12’ solar panels on your pool heating system.

When calculating how many solar pool heating panels that you need, err on the conservative side to allow for such things as solar panels that do not face in a direction where they get all day sun and to prevent big heating efficiency drop-offs on partly sunny days.

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