Will Solar Power Work on Rainy Days?

Solar Power Ormond BeachSolar power is generated through sunlight absorbed by solar panels. Solar PV’s are usually installed on roofs or mounted on the ground with the least shade possible to get the most sunlight. Come rainy days, some would worry if their solar panels would generate enough power or many would wonder if solar power can work on rainy days at all.

It is still officially summer in the Sunshine State. While some of us prepare for hurricanes around this time of the year, it is safe to say that for most of the year, Florida enjoys a whole lot of sunshine. It is still most ideal to know more about how we can get most out of our solar power system when the rainy days come.

The short answer to the question above – solar power will still work on rainy days. Solar panels may produce about 25% of their usual capacity on very cloudy days. This could cause some homeowners to worry especially if solar is their main source of power. One great way to solve this is through a solar battery back-up system.

A solar battery stores the power generated by your solar panel system on sunnier days. This stored power can be used on days when the solar panels cannot generate as much power such as on cloudy and rainy days.

It is also great to know that rain is not all that bad for your solar panels. Although there are some precautions you have to take such as:

  • Make sure the solar panels are attached and installed properly on very stable and even surfaces to keep them in place especially during bad weather conditions.
  • Make sure there are no hazard trees or overgrown trees surrounding your solar panel system which can cause damage to the panels.

The main benefit of rain to your solar panels is that it can help cool down the panel’s surface, which is a great thing. The sunlight is used to generate solar power – not the heat from the sun. So this means that as long as there’s light coming from the clouds’ edges even on rainy days, your panels can still generate power. Furthermore, rain can wash away dirt, pollen, dust, and other foreign objects from your solar panels!

If you want to be sure that your solar power system is prepared for the coming rainy season, call Wayne’s Solar! Our team can help do a thorough solar maintenance Deltona check on your solar panels New Smyrna Beach, clean them when necessary, and install solar battery back-up Ormond Beach upon your request. Call us at 386-673-9720 to get a free estimate!