Solar-Powered Attic Fan Benefits

Solar-Powered Attic Fan JacksonvilleMost homeowners already know a lot about the purpose of installing attic fans. However, some would skip the idea altogether because attic fans consume energy and can get quite noisy too especially when you’re already getting ready to sleep at night. Thankfully, there’s a great alternative that you should definitely consider – the solar-powered attic fan.

First of all, being solar powered is the best thing you are getting out of solar attic fans. These things can help save energy because it uses the power it has absorbed from the sun throughout the day. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about its power consumption adding towards your energy bill at all. Other benefits of using solar attic fans are the following:

1. Silent Operation: Most solar attic fans are super quiet to the point that you wouldn’t even notice that they’re working at all when they actually are. And since they use solar power, they stop working at night, which is perfectly fine since your attic fan’s purpose is to keep the heat out of the attic during the day.

2. Roof Protection: Excess moisture that comes from too much cold during the winter or heat and humidity the rest of the year can damage your roof. An attic fan offers proper ventilation which eliminates this moisture problem, hence prolonging the lifespan of your roof.

3. Improve Overall Comfort: An attic fan improves the ventilation situation in your home. When you don’t worry about it running noisily or expensively, then you can keep it on all day long. A solar attic fan would be the best solution to improve the comfort you’re experiencing indoors.

4. Clean Energy: Just like all other solar products, a solar-powered attic fan uses clean energy. There are no dangerous fumes or toxins at all and even better, it doesn’t add to your household’s carbon footprint!

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