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Wayne’s Solar offers three customized Nuvis systems for your hot water heating needs:

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Direct Open Loop

This tank turns itself on and off using an automatic sensor, ensuring that water stored in the tank is efficiently and dependably heated by the solar collector. Colder water is circulated through the solar collector for optimum heating, then returned to the tank for storage and use. The intelligent automation of the Nuvis hot water heater means that it is only working when there is solar power to be obtained; as soon as the heating process stops the valve is closed so that heat is not lost from the tank.

Indirect Drain Back

This solar tank is designed for climates where frequent freezing occurs. Water does not sit in the solar collector and a heat exchange system keeps potable water from low temperatures. Although very similar to the direct open loop hot water heating system, the indirect drain back solar hot water heater utilizes a second pump which simultaneously heats the water in the drain back tank while the first pump circulates it through the solar collector. If freezing occurs, the pump will have been automatically shut off and there is no water in the solar collector or solar plumbing.

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Indirect Pressurized with Propylene Glycol

When an indirect drain back system is not possible, this solar hot water heating system for frequent freezing conditions utilizes the technology of a heat exchange coil and the addition of food-grade propylene glycol to water circulating in the loop from the solar collector to the hot water tank. Also not very different from the direct open loop system, this indirect pressurized solar hot water heating system has the added benefit of heat exchange coil wrapped around the inner collection tank and freeze-proof water circulation.

Solar Water Heaters Overview | How It Works | Types of Solar Water Heaters


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