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Strap Anchor System

Hi-Tec offers the only truss mounted strap anchor system available.

We designed our strap mounts to be strong, to protect each anchor point from the elements, and to increase the overall wind load strength.

First, we utilize stainless steel straps with an outer coating of polypropylene. The straps are placed over the panel array and fastened into our unique strap mount hardware.

Next, and most importantly, the two piece design makes Hi-Tec strap mounts highly durable and virtually weatherproof. The bottom half of the anchor is the piece that is secured to your roof. The strapping is laid across the array and into the mount. Then, the top half of the anchor screws onto the bottom, cinching the strap in place, and protecting the mounting hardware from the elements – just like a roof.

But what does “truss mounted” mean? Hi-Tec panels were specifically designed for compliance with home construction standards. They are built 48″ wide, so that the straps can be anchored in the roof truss, rather than the roof decking or tiles, providing the most secure bond available.


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