Universal Mounts

Secure Installation

Long ago, the engineers at Solar Hydronics Corp. devised a way to combat the problem of out-dated mounting hardware.

The first set of hardware to be modernized was the header mount that secures the top of the solar collector to your roof.

Traditional mounts fit snugly to the collector, allowing no flexibility for the collector to move as the material expands and contracts throughout the day. Collectors restricted by these mounts would bind at each anchor point causing additional & unnecessary stresses to the collector and roof penetrations leading to increases in product failures.

So what did SHC’s engineers develope? The Universal Mounting system.

The roof mounts are specially engineered to be placed anywhere along the width of the header by your certified Hi-Tec dealer. This enables the mounts to be anchored directly into roof rafters, adding stability to the panel array.

Secondly, the base of each mount cradles the header, lifting it slightly off the roof. The top secures snugly into the mount base, allowing the panel to be installed easily. This two-piece, “free floating” design permits your panels to expand and contract without causing stress to the panel, the anchor points, or your roof.


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