What Are All the Solar Products for a Home in Ormond Beach?

What Are All the Solar Products for a Home in Ormond Beach?According to Forbes, a wholly solar-powered home may save up to $1500 yearly. So, while installing solar products in your Ormond Beach home may be relatively pricey, it’s more worthwhile in the long run than other energy sources.

But which solar products offer the most significant savings in Central Florida? Here’s an overview of what to prioritize.

Solar Water Heaters

A 2022 report by the Department of Energy noted that households spend up to $600 annually on water heating. Installing a solar water heater in your Volusia County, Flagler County, or Duval County home eliminates or reduces such expenses as sunlight is freely available.

Additionally, the same report highlighted that solar water heating was the most long-lasting option alongside tankless heating. It’s also 50% more efficient than electric and gas alternatives.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heaters are worthwhile for homeowners in Volusia County due to favorable weather. Summers tend to last long, while winters end quickly in Ormond Beach.

Meanwhile, temperatures often fall between 50°F and 89°F. So, you don’t need much power to heat the pool to a desirable temperature.

Pair your solar pool heater with a solar cover for better heat conservation. This pairing lets you use your pool for longer after winter’s onset.

Solar Battery

A solar battery is more beneficial in Ormond Beach from November to February, when the daily sunlight lasts under seven hours. Solar batteries store energy, lowering or avoiding nighttime electrical expenses. You may also need one if you have a high-demanding or large household.

Other Solar Products for Homes in Ormond Beach

Additional solar products you can get to lower long-term costs and boost convenience in Volusia, Flagler, or Duval Counties include:

  • Solar tubes
  • Solar attic fans
  • Solar-powered electric vehicle chargers

Need a Trustworthy Solar Product in Ormond Beach?

Solar water heaters, pool heaters, batteries, and attic fans should be your first consideration when saving energy and lowering daily expenses.

Enlisting a trusted solar installation company for reliable, long-lasting appliance performance is best. We at Wayne’s Solar have experienced solar experts who deliver timely and satisfactory installation and product maintenance.

Call us at 386-673-9720 for recommendations, free quotes, and dependable solar installation services and products in Ormond Beach and all over Central Florida.