Where to Buy A Solar Pool Heating System

Nothing beats the relaxing feeling of swimming in the warm water of your pool. If you’re wondering where to buy a solar pool heating system because those traditional heaters just cost too much to maintain and operate, read on and learn more. 

Those who have backyard swimming pools are lucky because they are so much fun to use in the warm season. Some pool owners enjoy swimming in them so much they try to heat their swimming pools to extend their swimming season. There is, however, one big drawback to this. Swimming pools that are heated by gas or electric means can lead to some big extra expenses. One lower-cost alternative is solar pool heating systems. That’s because once they have been installed, they cost very little to run. 

where to buy a solar pool heating system Jacksonville

Buying a Solar Pool Heating System

If you are wondering where to buy a solar pool heating system, there are three main ways that pool owners go about doing this. They are as follows:

Online Suppliers

As with just about any type of product these days, solar pool heating systems can be bought online. You will find a large selection of prices and sizes of them. The only problem with purchasing a solar pool heating system online is that you will not get much support from a company that will help you with your purchasing decision. You will have to determine the size of the solar pool heating system that you need yourself and the other support equipment that is needed to run the system. If you do not plan to install your solar pool heating system yourself, you also run the risk that no professional solar pool heater installer will want to install a system that was purchased from someone other than them.

Swimming Pool Companies

Selling solar pool heating systems is a natural fit for most swimming pool companies. This is especially true the further south in the USA a swimming pool contractor is located. Although it must be said that every company that sells swimming pool supplies also sells solar pool heating systems. This is a specialty niche that many swimming pool installation companies and suppliers simply do not want to deal with. Those swimming pool companies that do sell solar pool heating systems do tend to be very good at installing and maintaining them. They also know the ins and outs of sizing these systems correctly and what support equipment is usually needed for them too.

Solar Service Providers

This might be your best bet when it comes to having a solar pool heating system installed. Businesses that specialize in solar equipment such as solar swimming pool heating systems can be found all over the United States these days. Since all they do is work with solar apparatus, they are very good when it comes to placing solar pool heating equipment where the homeowner gets the most benefit from it. They are also experts when it comes to maintaining solar pool heating systems and supplying the support equipment that most rooftop solar pool heating systems require. Most solar service providers also will do a great job of getting you into a solar pool heating system that is sized properly for your individual pool heating situation.

Where to Buy A Solar Pool Heating System and Have It Installed

You may not only be wondering where to buy a solar pool heating system but you may also be wondering how to best get it installed. Those who contributed to the information in this article strongly recommend you do not try installing your new solar pool heating system yourself. These systems are much more complicated to install than they seem. Such things as pump size, roof height, and distance to the swimming pool must all be factored in if this type of pool heating system is going to be used efficiently. There is a lot of plumbing connections on these systems too that can leak and cause problems if you don’t know how to seal them properly. Perhaps the biggest reason why you don’t want to attempt installing your new solar pool heating system yourself is that many manufacturers will not honor the warranty unless their solar pool heating units are professionally installed.

There are some real benefits that come with having a professional install your solar pool heating system for you too. One of them is that they are also experts at supplying and installing supplemental equipment such as automated controls and supplemental heating systems. Professional solar pool heating installers are also experts when it comes to ground mounting solar pool heating systems when there is not enough flat rooftop space. Simply put, solar and swimming pool professionals who install solar swimming pool heaters know exactly how to get the most out of these systems and how to make them easy for you to use.

Jacksonville Solar Swimming Pool Heaters

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