Where to Buy Solar Panels

where to buy solar panelsThere are many good reasons why homeowners like to add solar-generated power to their homes. Among the main reasons are that they can significantly lower their home energy bills and they also reduce their family’s carbon footprint on the planet. If this sounds like a good idea to you, then you might just start wondering where to buy solar panels. There are several sources that you can get these from and we will go over the most popular places to buy solar panels. 

Shop Online

You can shop online and get a decent selection of solar panels in many different price ranges. There are some drawbacks to doing this, however. The first is that you never get to see the actual product and take a close look at its quality. You will also have to find someone to install them if you don’t feel like crawling up on your roof yourself to do it. If you do self-install, you will probably not have your warranty honored if you should ever have a problem with your solar panels under their warranty period. 

Buy Factory Direct

As far as options go for where to buy solar panels, buying factory direct would be on this list too. Chances are though that the biggest and most reputable solar panel manufacturers will not sell directly to you. This means you can only by from smaller solar panel manufacturers that produce solar panels the quality of which is more suspect. Once again you will have to find an installer to hook up your solar energy system and if you self-install your new solar panels will most likely not be covered by warranty.

Call Your Local Solar Services Company

The best place to shop when you are wondering where to buy solar panels is at your local solar services company. They will be able to do such things as let you see samples of the solar panels that they sell and provide you with references that can vouch for the quality of that company’s products and how the company is to deal with. Your local solar services provider will also know exactly how to set up your new solar energy system the right way and since they are professionals the manufacturer will honor any warranties that come up with the solar panel products that they make. Another big benefit when working with a solar service provider is they will know how to help you get any available tax credits on your new solar energy system. The savings here can be very significant. 

Solar Panel Installation in Palm Coast, FL

Even if you know where to buy solar panels, the most challenging part would be installing them. And so if you need licensed solar panel installation in Palm Coast, FL, call Wayne’s Solar! Our services and solar products including solar pool heaters, solar water heaters, and more are available in Jacksonville, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, and many more areas in Florida. Call us at 386-673-9720 for a free quote.


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