Where to Find Swimming Pool Heater Parts

Where to Find Pool Heater PartsWhere to find swimming pool heater parts? One of the best things that ever happened to pool owners is when someone came up with the idea to attach heaters to them. This not only made the pool water more comfortable to get in but also extended the swim season greatly in some areas of the country. The only problem being is those pool heaters are just like other types of equipment so they do sometimes break down. This may leave you wondering where to find pool heater parts to fix your heater. There are several places where you can do this. Here are some of those. 

Why Do Swimming Pool Heaters Break Down?

Before I answer the question where to find pool heater parts, perhaps it’s best to talk about why swimming pool heaters break down in the first place. Keep in mind that we are talking about a device that operates at extremely high temperatures and has very corrosive water running through it. This can be a problem if the heat becomes too extreme overtime or the pool water gets someplace in the heater that it’s not made to go. The pool water is also moving at a pretty good rate which will also cause heater parts that are made out of such materials like copper to erode. 

Pool heaters are also controlled by electric switches and printed circuit boards which have been known to fail over time, especially when they are on a heater that’s located out in the open. So, as you can see there are many reasons why a swimming pool heater can fail. 

The Best Place to Get Replacement Swimming Pool Heater Parts

If your swimming pool heater breaks down, the first place that you want to try and find replacement parts for it is at the store that you bought it from. This might be your local swimming pool dealer, a company that specializes in selling pool equipment, or any other type of local supplier that carries swimming pool heaters. 

You want to go to the place that you bought your swimming pool heater from because they will be familiar with your brand of pool heater and chances are, they may even have the exact replacement part you are looking for right in stock.

Other Places Where You May Find Parts for Your Pool Heater

If you went to the place where you bought your swimming pool heater from and failed in your effort to get the parts that you needed, don’t worry all is not lost. There are other sources of where to find pool heater parts. Here are some examples of those:

  • Contact the manufacturer of the type of pool heater that you own. They may be able to sell you replacement parts directly.
  • See if you can find an online pool store that sells to the general public. They may have the swimming pool heater parts that you need.
  • Contact a different swimming pool company or company that carries pool heaters other than the one that you bought your swimming pool heater from. They may be able to order and source any pool heater parts that you need.

Solar Pool Heating Repairs in Jacksonville, FL

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