Will Solar Panels Work in Winter?

will solar panels work in winterWill solar panels work in winter? Although this is something that Florida homeowners do not have to worry about because it’s bright and sunny most of the year, some still wonder about this. What if it’s rainy or cold – will the solar panel system still function?

It is a valid question because there are cloudy days in Florida. Since solar panels depend fully on sunlight to absorb power, one might worry about it not working at all on darker days. 

Solar Panels Work Off of Sunlight Not Temperature

First off, it must be pointed out that temperature does not impact how solar panels work. Even if it’s minus – 30° out, solar panels will still function normally if the sun is shining. As a matter of fact, if you measured a solar electric panel’s output on a 100° and a minus – 30° day, you will come to find that they are remarkably similar. This is why using solar panels to generate energy is so appealing to so many home and business owners. 

Solar Energy is a Year-Round Renewable Energy Source

So now that you have answered the question about will solar panels work in winter, it should give you more confidence when it comes to purchasing these environmentally-friendly electric power generation devices. You now know that they will not benefit you in just the warmer months of the year but also in the colder months too. That means that they will start paying your investment back with free and renewable solar-generated electric power that can be had every single month of the year. 

Solar Power All Year Round in Jacksonville, FL

Will solar panels work in winter? You won’t have to think much about this when you’re in Florida. You’re in the perfect location to enjoy all the savings you can get from this clean energy source! For Jacksonville solar panel installation, solar pool heaters, solar water heaters, solar attic fans, and more, call Wayne’s Solar today. Our services are also available in New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, Deltona, St. Augustine, and nearby locations. You may reach us at 386-673-9720 to get a free quote.


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